Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille ALLEGEDLY Going To Divorce Him! (Not Wearing Ring)

Camille Cosby seemed more than willing to stay married to Bill Cosby when he was locked up in prison. But now that he’s been released, MTO News is hearing rumblings that Camille – who has been Bill’s wife for more than 50 years – may be planning a divorce.

Yesterday that paparazzi snapped pics of Camille, as she stepped out in New York City purposely without her wedding ring.

Here is the pic:


Camille, 77, was wearing dark sunglasses and a face mask as she was photographed out for the first time since Bill’s sexual assault conviction was overturned on June 30 and he was released from prison. 

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Adele Dating Lebron James BFF Rich Paul (; 0:05)

When Bill was released from the Pennsylvania prison, he flew to New York – to live with Camille. But Camille had been living life as a single woman for the past 3 years . .. . and it’s not clear that she wants her disgraced husband back.

Mr. and Mrs. Cosby had not seen each other in person since his 2018 conviction and imprisonment.