Bhad Bhabie: I’m Not On No Lil’ Kid Sh*t No More!!

Bhad Bhabie took to Twitter to call out her haters who hit her page up with negative comments — she says she’s grown.

In a series of tweets, Bhabie wrote:

“I turned myself from a internet joke into a platinum artist with multiple plaques and multiple sold out show and millions of streams but all that don’t matter bc me and my mom go into it on tv back in 2016 it’s been 5 f*cking years and I did a lot more then y’all hating asses.”


Cash Me Outside Girl – Bhad Bhabie – On Dr Phil (; 1:04)

She continued: “Imagine not being able to defend your self bc the Internet twist every thing you say and makes it seem like you saying something you ain’t even remotely say,” she went on. 

She thinks that if people don’t like her, they should stay off her page: “Would you go to a restaurant you don’t like and order something you don’t like and once you get it tell the waiter that you don’t like it and that you don’t like there restaurant? No you just simply WOULDNT GO IN . So what’s the point of going on someone page that you dnt like???”

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She concluded her rant saying, “I’m not on no lil kid sh*t no more I’m growing up becoming my true self and bettering my career and I WILL NOT allow y’all to try to drag me down any f*cking longer.”

Y’all agree?