Bhad Bhabie Argues w/ Lil Yachty Over Cultural Appropriation Claims!!

Bhad Bhabie is upset over repeatedly being accused of appropriating Black culture, and during a livestream, went off on her close friend Lil Yachty who was trying to help her change her approach.

“You think if you yell at a screen, people gon’ be like, ‘Oh, she’s not racist?'” Yachty asked. As she continued to yell, he continued, “But I need you to understand that there’s a better way to get your point across.”

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Bhabie says she hates people who don’t know her having something to say.

“The one thing I’m really really sick of is the whole, ‘Bhad Bhabie is a cultural appropriator’. No, y’all make these words have different terms for what they even mean. Cultural appropriation is if I was to sit up and say, ‘Oh, a certain race looks ugly with that and then I go do that on myself,” she claimed, clearly having no idea what cultural appropriation is.


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“Or say braids, for example, if I said that Black girls looked ugly with braids and then I go get them, that’s cultural appropriating. Or, when girls put chop sticks in their hair. That’s doing something negative with someone’s culture… But when you simply do it out of appreciation, that’s not appropriation.”