Bedroom Bikinis: 10 Ways Everyone’s Wearing Their Swimsuits Inside

While the world is slowly starting to open up again, a summer filled with long days spent outdoors and pending vacations on the mind has us finally excited to tap into our wardrobes once again. Last summer, as it looked considerably different, entailed a lot of time indoors and while diving into a fuller social calendar might seem enticing right now, we are certainly not one to discourage you from some good old fashion quality time spent indoors this summer too. In fact, fashion girls have been proving over the past year that you certainly don’t need to step foot outside to rock a stunning ‘fit, particularly when that ‘fit includes a bikini. 

I’m calling this new phenomenon of summer-ready house ‘fits bedroom bikinis. Styled with normal clothing like denim, button-downs, jewelry, and more, bikinis have truly never looked chicer or more practical. As we continue to embrace cozy loungewear as an important part of our wardrobes, bedroom bikinis will be just the summertime addition we need to make our lived-in sweatpants feel fresh and new

Ahead, discover how 10 fashion girls have been styling their swimsuits inside their own bedrooms, and shop the key items you’ll need to re-create their looks. 

What you’ll need: Cardigan + Bikini + High-Rise Jeans

What you’ll need: Cardigan + Bikini + Trousers + Thong Heels + Layered Necklaces

What you’ll need: Big Blazer + Bikini + Sweatpants + Hoop Earrings

What you’ll need: Straw Hat + Bikini + Loose Jeans

What you’ll need: Delicate Jewelry + Bikini 

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What you’ll need: Bikini + Chain Belts

What you’ll need: Button-Down + Bikini + Jean Shorts

What you’ll need: Oversize T-Shirt + Bikini + Chunky Bracelets 

What you’ll need: Vacation Shirt + Bikini

What you’ll need: Linen Shirt + Bikini + Body Chain + Jeans

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