Beauty Editors Agree—No Skin Ritual Is Complete Without a Bottle From This Brand

My fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I probably spend 80% of our lives texting and Slacking each other about beauty products. (It’s the nature of our jobs, but we also just happen to be beauty-obsessed soul mates and get ridiculously squealy about amazing new finds.) We try plenty of products and brands that make our stomachs flutter with butterflies on a weekly cadence, but once in a while, we encounter a new beauty product that quite literally sends us over the edge. (Think frantic, all-caps text messages, an unhealthy number of emojis, and gushy follow-ups the next day on Slack just to make sure we’re still as obsessed with the object of our affection as we were in our 10 p.m. states of delirium the night before.)

Despite the roller-coaster ride of 2020, it’s been, refreshingly, an amazing year for beauty, and the above saga seems to happen on an almost weekly basis. But a week or two ago, it reached a 2020 fever pitch following Klur’s latest skincare launch: the Supreme Seed Delicate Purification Mask ($60) aka the brand’s first new product since its collection debuted in 2019. I’d heard amazing things about Klur for months and months (Courtney has been a huge fan since day one), so the fresh, new launch felt like the perfect opportunity to review and celebrate the brand in its entirety. 

Sustainably made in California and studded with tons of organic, high-quality botanicals, Klur describes itself as “eco-inclusive beauty” and reflects esthetician and founder Lesley Thornton’s vision to create a brand epitomizing clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty for all. Let it be known Thornton didn’t just slap together another ho-hum skincare brand that would be lost among the thousands. Instead, she honed, perfected, and curated a small yet beautifully balanced array of formulas prioritizing simplicity, usability, efficacy, and long-term results and topped off with a hard-to-miss dose of instant gratification. (Try any of Klur’s stunning bottles, and you’ll immediately know what we mean.) 

To me, Klur is more than just quality products and a conscious ethos,” Thornton explains on the brand’s website. “It’s about a human connection. At its heart, there is a well-considered functional approach in both process and products. We are an independent, self-funded, woman-owned and operated company. We believe that sustainability not only means addressing the long-term impact on our ecosystem but that we must also make products that meet the demands of everyday life.”

Courtney and I have been busy test-driving the majority of Klur’s products, and we’ve both forcefully experienced the above sentiments firsthand. So to welcome Klur’s new masking arrival and to extend some well-deserved love to a brand that’s truly setting the bar in today’s skincare market, we’re sharing and discussing all of our favorite Klur products below. Keep scrolling! Oh, and clear some real estate on your vanity—new neighbors are imminent. 

Erin’s take: I didn’t know it was possible to be blown away by a cleanser (and I mean blown away) until I tried Gentle Matter for the first time last week. I’ll get into more detail shortly, but let me start here: This cleanser is so delicious that after I rinsed and patted my skin dry with a towel, I thought to myself, “Well, this is it.” Forget all of my other face products—this organic concoction of green tea, dandelion, and olive oil (and so much more) was all my skin needed to look like a clean, balanced, and surprisingly hydrated orb of glowing light. It’s non-foaming, but it does have a light, satisfying lather that feels soothing and velvety-soft while you’re working it into your skin. My complexion tends to be highly reactive, and even though certain ingredients like coconut milk have given me issues in the past, I haven’t experienced any newfound bumps, pimples, or irritation since I began using this cleanser daily, morning and night. (This just goes to show you that the quality of ingredients and how they’re composed within a formula makes a huge difference in the world of skincare.) Gentle Matter is on another level entirely compared to almost every other cleanser I’ve tried, and I highly recommend indulging—it’s a skin treat worth splurging for.  Courtney’s take: It wasn’t until very recently that I started getting more particular about facial cleanser. For most of my life, I thought of it as a necessary evil that, by its very nature, was meant to strip my skin of everything luscious for the sake of purification. For this reason, and because the suds literally rinse down the drain within seconds, I couldn’t be convinced to spend more than $10 or so on the stuff. It’s cleansers like this one that finally made me believe that cleansers can be good for your skin. This one is soothing, gentle, and effective all at once, which I’d think was impossible if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. It actually adds moisture and nutrients like green tea, dandelion, and olive oil into my skin instead of just pulling everything out and leaving me scrambling for heavy moisturizers to replace all that I’ve lost. I love it.

Erin’s take: I have to say it. I was initially terrified to try this mask. I did my research beforehand and noticed it included coconut oil and cocoa butter, two ingredients my acne-prone complexion, historically, has never been able to tolerate. Both cocoa and coconut are highly comedogenic and basically fertilize my face for a fresh crop of zits whenever they’re stealthily lurking in skincare products I try. So you can imagine my surprise when I applied this delicious mask (it legit smells like a chocolate-vanilla swirl soft-serve ice cream cone, and you will want to eat it). And… Absolutely nothing bad happened. I’ve used Supreme Seed twice in the past week, and I have no new pimples. What I have noticed, however, is smooth, radiant, and supremely hydrated skin. Now, I think part of the reason my skin hasn’t freaked is that I’m only wearing it a few times a week for about 10 to 15 minutes (I do think it would cause congestion for me if I was using it more often), but again, I think this just speaks to how delicately and thoughtfully Thornton composes her formulas. I also let my 73-year-old mom give it a test-drive, and she was left basically speechless by the smooth, even, and significantly brighter tone of her complexion. In all honesty, this is probably the best new mask of 2020.  Courtney’s take: I was always under the impression that there are two kinds of face masks: clay masks and everything else. To me, clay is the stuff you reach for when you want to dry out a zit or otherwise suck out gunk, even if it means sitting through an uncomfortably tight and itchy treatment that may or may not be sucking out too much oil. This mask is like a hybrid, combining the detoxifying benefits of kaolin clay with a blend of panthenol, calendula, and cacao. As a result, it’s not overly drying or uncomfortable to wear. It remains soft and pliable, even when dry, so removing it is also way easier than you’d expect from any sort of clay or mud. So far, I’m a fan of this, too!

Courtney’s take: I’m all for any serum that aims to aid in my skin’s defense against environmental stressors. I do enough treating and use a good amount of super-active ingredients, but when it comes down to it, some of those practices can actually weaken my skin’s ability to protect itself from the elements. (Skincare can be a little backward that way sometimes.) The first thing that struck me about this fluid was the color. It’s not bleached clear or colored some fantastical hue to prove its potency. Instead, it looks like something you’d find in nature, which I love. It has tons of nourishing and protecting ingredients like squalane from olive, glycerin, vitamin C, and algae. I just love how it makes my skin feel.

Erin’s take: I just arrived in Tucson to visit my family, and regardless of how many times I’ve been here over the years, I always seem to forget just how hot and dry it is. Even if I guzzle water and apply five layers of lip balm before bed, I wake up looking like an extra from Holes, complete with dry, chapped lips and tight, flaky skin. So it truly speaks volumes when I say this lightweight hydrating serum has helped me get my moisturized, dewy skin back. Key ingredients like vitamins C, E, and B5 provide optimum nutrition to thirst-starved skin while ingredients like beta-glucan and aloe keep things plump and hydrated. I love that it’s clear, lightweight, and easy to spread over my entire face (you literally only need one drop), and despite the fact that it absorbs almost instantly, it doesn’t leave my skin wanting more. Most nights, I even end up skipping my nighttime moisturizer!

Erin’s take: Where to start? Even though Klur is still a comparably new brand, this body oil has already gained a cult celeb following. (You can watch Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gush about it here!) I’ve been very forthright in the past about not really being a big body-oil person. There is a time and a place, and while I love how glowy and hydrated they leave my skin, I hate how most formulas make my body feel like a syrup-drenched Slip ‘N Slide. And you can absolutely forget it if I’m going to be crawling into bed or pulling on tight-fitting clothes soon after my application. This oil, however, is different. The scent is amazing and surprisingly complex for something as straightforward as a body oil, but the finish is really the star benefit for me. It absorbs quickly but not as quickly as a dry oil. Basically, you’re getting the best of both worlds—the long-lasting dewy luster of an oil but a smooth-as-silk finish with zero stickiness or tack.  Courtney’s take: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but everyone needs to buy this oil. Like… right now. Click this link and make the purchase, sis. The first time I ever used it, my mind immediately jumped to the time that this bottle of oil would run dry, which I was sure would be in the very near future. I decided just then that I could never let that happen. I literally cannot be without this oil. It has the most beautiful scent, with notes of neroli, orange blossom, and spicy wildflowers jumping out first. It leaves my skin so soft and moisturized and absorbs beautifully, even into dry skin. It’s one of those products that leaves you sniffing your own skin in wonder as it sets in.

For anyone looking for a vitamin-spiked retinol complex, Stellar Restoration is going to be your game changer. In addition to the aforementioned vitamins (specifically A, C, and B), this little bottle of magic tag teams with bioactive botanicals and nutrients to tackle congested, dull, uneven, or just plain damaged skin. For your best and brightest results, Klur doesn’t recommend applying the dose of three to four drops more than three nights per week. Top it off with your favorite moisturizer after it’s had the chance to fully absorb, and make sure you’re keeping up with your daily sunscreen application each and every day. 

Dare we say this thoughtfully balanced serum rivals the biggest C and E heavy hitter in the market? (Ahem, the iconic SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, $166) Yes, yes we do. Artfully constructed, this potent blend of brightening vitamins C and E boasts other lush ingredients such as rosehip, aloe, and licorice to gift a stressed-out complexion with unparalleled protection and glow. Apply one to two pumps to clean, damp skin every other day (either morning or night) and make sure you give it ample time to absorb before layering your SPF or moisturizer on top. 

One of this exfoliant’s (many) beautiful perks is its versatility. Regardless of how you choose to use it, you’ll reap a clean, polished, completely de-gunked finish without any of the harsh side effects so many scrubs out there incur. It features a delicate yet efficient blend of refined, botanically sourced grains (think brown rice powder, rosehip seed powder, and MSM), effortlessly suffering away buildup and spiking healthy cell turnover. Try mixing a small pinch with your cleanser (water based is best) to create a gentle exfoliating paste. Using a light touch, glide and work the mixture over your face before thoroughly rinsing off. Klur recommends reserving this treatment for once- or twice-weekly usage. 

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