Azealia Banks: Travis Scott Has A Drug Problem!!

Azealia Banks hopped on Instagram to pay tribute to late rapper DMX, but she then claimed that Travis Scott has a drug problem.

She addressed music industry insiders who allowed rapper’s drug habits to go unchecked:

“You look at these rap n*ggas right now like look at f*cking Travis Scott, okay? Nobody’s stepping in to f*cking intervene with Travis Scott, you got enablers, you probably got f*cking, tour managers, going to get the f*cking lean and going to get the Percocet so this n*gga can sit in the studio and make more money for y’all crackers.”

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She continued, “And y’all don’t care what happens to him, nobody’s suggesting maybe we should have like an in-house therapist or in-house drug rehabilitation programs, no they’re gonna push you to the edge and push you to the f*cking limit so you can keep creating for them. And then when you die of a drug overdose, then they wanna come in and cash in on it. This sh*t needs to stop.”


Azealia Banks – Instagram Live listen Lady Gaga (; 0:19)

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