AR-Ab Addresses Previous DJ Vlad Interviews

Philly rapper AR-Ab is speaking out after folks claimed that his interviews with DJ Vlad got him locked up by the feds.

“I’m tired of people saying my interviews with Vlad got me locked up and all this sh*t,” he told the Flip Da Script podcast. “The times I did my interviews on Vlad I was a rapper. I wasn’t doing nothing. I was talking about my past. Vlad don’t got nothing to do with me being locked up. No interview with Vlad or interview with anybody got anything to do with me being locked up.”

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Vlad has been catching heat after it was revealed that rapper Casanova’s interviews with the journalist had been used as evidence against him by the feds.


Power Book II Trailer (; 1:00)

Casanova is facing life behind bars. He turned himself in after he and 17 other men were hit with charges that included racketeering and conspiracy. The DOJ has been building a case against members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Gang for years.