And Now, 16 Pretty Spring Dresses I’m Losing It Over

It’s been a year since stay-at-home orders started, and I’m just going to say it: I’m over sweatpants. I find myself rolling my eyes every time I go to my dresser in search of yet another pair to put on my body. But the issue is… I love being comfy, and so the cycle continues.

Recently, though, the weather started heating up a bit, and I rediscovered the corner of my closet where I keep all of my dresses. Let’s just say, they are doing it for me. I feel cute, comfortable, productive, and honestly, ready to take some fire mirror pics. To add a few more pieces to my collection (because I can’t not), I popped onto NET-A-PORTER to browse its always-chic selection of styles. As per usual, it did not disappoint. Need to cop a few for a day at home or a socially distanced outing? Keep scrolling for the pretty dresses I’m absolutely losing it over.