All 3 Of The Migos ALLEGEDLY Beat Up Justin Laboy; After Saweetie Interview!!

The hip hop group The Migos is accused of beating up reality star Justin LaBoy, MTO News has learned. You’ll recall that Justin is the comedian. Youtuber that interviewed Saweetie just before her split with Quavo.

And during the interview, Saweetie suggested that if Quavo wanted her back, he can “pay” Saweetie.

As you can imagine, Quavo and his Migos crew were not happy with Justin’s interview.

Here’s a clip:

Saweetie Pay Me To Get Back Together (; 1:00)

Now MTO News has learned that a very EXPLOSIVE rumor has popped up on Twitter. And according to the reports, the Migos (yell all three on them – Quavo, Offset and Takeoff) pulled up on Justin in Atlanta.

The reports claim that the threesome “jumped” Justin and beat him up pretty badly. Footage of the alleged beatdown is coming soon – according to Twitter.

MTO News has not been able to independently confirm these reports, but Twitter is GOING WILD about the possibility f The Migos jumping somebody.

Here are some of the responses: