Alexis Skyy Says She’d Never Date A Man Who Ran The Streets

Alexis Skyy says her morals would not allow her to date a man who ran the streets.

“Dating a n*gga who run the streets is for TEENAGERS. I’m a whole grown ass WOMAN! If you can’t get yo ass in this bed and lay tf down at a decent hour, then you ain’t the one for me! Y’all be thinking that sh*t cool when a n*gga trap all day, be in another b*tch face all evening and come calling yo phone like ‘open the door bae’ at the crack of f*cking DAWN,” she wrote.

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She continued: “I could NEVER!!!. It’s called RESPECT, MORALS , STANDARDS! ‘Grown’ relationships don’t have continuous revolving doors. Get You a MAN MAN [strong arm emoji] SIS PERIOD [exclamation marks emoji][one hundred emoji].” 


Fetty Wap Live On Instagram (; 0:35)

Alexis recently revealed that rapper Fetty Wap is not the father of her daughter as she had previously claimed. She revealed her baby daddy is luxury car dealer, Brandon Medford.