Actress Issa Rae Got Married This Weekend – Details About Her Secretive Husband!!

This weekend actress Issa Rae got married to African businessman Louis Diame. The couple jumped the broom in an elegant ceremony in France.

Issa flew all of her friends, and a bunch of her Insecure cast members across the Atlantis to celebrate her nuptials, MTO News confirmed.

Here’a Issa releasing pics of her nuptials:

So who is Issa’s new husband? MTO News did a bit of digging, and it’s not very clear

Issa and Louis have truly gone the extra mile to try and hide both their relationship, and Louis’ business identity. 

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It’s difficult to confirm anything about his profession, although outlets such as Marie Claire and Martha Stewart Weddings have identified Diame as a “Senegalese businessman.” A LinkedIn page under the name is private, but lists his profession as an Independent Banking Professional in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The couple have been dating since 2012, when the Washington Post identitfied Louis  as her “boyfriend.” The outlet also noted that he’s a 29-year-old student (which would make him about 37 now) and that he appears in episode 7 of Rae’s series.