A “Riverdale” Character Showed Up In “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” And Here's What It Means

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Riverdale Season 3 and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

Alright, so if you’re like me, you spent the better part of the weekend binge-watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

If you made it to Episode 7 and you’re a Riverdale fan, you probably recognized a very familiar face delivering pizza to Madam Satan.

That’s right, Ben Button apparently delivers pizza to the town of Greendale — and Madam Satan may have killed him? I’m still unsure.

If you need a refresher, Ben first appeared in Season 1 when he worked at the drive-in movie theater with Jughead.

Then, we saw him locking lips with Ms. Grundy when he went to her house for a music lesson right before she was murdered in Greendale.

He interviewed Chic for a job at the Bijou later in Season 2.

And in this season, Ben was seen playing Griffins and Gargoyles with Dilton before the duo were found in the woods barely alive.

Dilton died from his injuries and dear old Ben ended up falling out a window in service to the Gargoyle King.

So yeah, you’re probably wondering, if Ben apparently died, how the HECK is he alive in Greendale a few months later?!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, creator of both Riverdale and Sabrina, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, discussed Ben’s cameo and what it means.


He said that Ben’s appearance in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “suggests a very deep, deep mythology where time and space bends. I love that kid. I’m sad that he keeps turning up and horrible things keep happening to him.”

When asked if Ben survived his brush with death in Riverdale, Roberto said, “It seemed like it was pretty final, but yet there he is in Greendale. But in Greendale, everyone pops up — the dead don’t stay dead long in Greendale.”

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So, does this mean dead characters from Riverdale can show up in Sabrina? Does time work differently in Greendale? Do I have to worry about Ms. Grundy showing back up ALIVE?

What are your thoughts on Ben showing up in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Sounds off in the comments below!