A Definitive List of Burberry’s Best Perfumes, According to Everyone

Burberry may be known for its iconic tartan and classic trench coat (among other things), but the British fashion house has its footprint in the beauty space, too. There’s an extensive lineup of lip products and foundations, but in particular, its perfumes are a standout.

The Burberry scents really evoke London cool-girl style. There are scents that can transport you to a rainy day in the capital city or an English garden. And honestly, with us not being able to travel a whole lot (or at all) these days, I think we’ll take any form of escapism that we can get. Fragrances can really take you there.

I’m personally a fan of Burberry fragrances because they’re everything I want in a perfume: something that’s timeless but feels fresh. Plus, I’ve loved London ever since I studied abroad there over 10 years ago, so it perfectly suits my Anglophile preferences.

Maybe you’ve never thought about reaching for a perfume bottle from the fashion house, or maybe you’re in the market for a new fragrance. You might already be a fan. No matter the way, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most popular scents from the brand. Granted, its fragrance options aren’t super extensive, but there are some classic scents and some twists. Take a look at the standouts, some of which are backed by reviews.

One of Burberry’s most popular scents, Her is a vibrant fragrance with notes of black currant, blueberry, raspberry, jasmine accord, violet accord, musk, and dry amber. An ode to the city of London, it’s described as “the embodiment of the Londoner attitude—adventurous, spirited, and bold.” One reviewer wrote, “I don’t know what to say about this perfume’s notes because I just love them. Sweet and almost reminiscent of lip balm but in the best way possible, this scent is refreshing and youthful and bright, but not in a cheap way. It has a depth and complexity I didn’t expect. It starts off fruity and light and bubbly and settles into almost a woody scent but still keeping a light overall smell.”

This one is peak iconic Burberry—in fact, one of the inspirations for this was the trench coat. It evokes an English garden after the rain, so it’s got a fresh, floral scent. It includes top notes of sweet pea and bergamot; middle notes of geranium, golden quince, and freesia; and base notes of patchouli, damask roses, and centifolia roses. One reviewer said, “Love, love, love this!!! It’s an alluring, sensual, clean, green fragrance with a hint of sweetness. The scent is very addicting, and it has staying power. It also does’t hurt that the tortoiseshell cap is adorable! I’m not one of those ‘signature scent’ ladies. I frequently change scents, but I must admit that this has become my new favorite, and I think I’ll be wearing it for a while!!”

Burberry also has a couple of unisex fragrances through its Signatures collection. If you’re looking for something a little bit more grounded, this amber scent is described as “reminiscent of a courtyard in bloom surrounded by the wilderness of a vast heath.” So you’ve got the florals, but you’ve also got the deeper scents of amber, patchouli, and vetiver.

I remember one of my friends in high school having Burberry Brit on her bathroom vanity, and I thought that was the most sophisticated thing. And you know what, in the 13 years since I’ve graduated, it still stands up. It’s got notes of icy pear, almond, and vanilla—it is citrusy fresh with some sweetness. One reviewer wrote, “Can’t say enough good things about this perfume. I was looking for an everyday perfume, and this is exactly what I needed. It goes on smelling pretty strong of citrus, but that fades after about 15 minutes into a really pretty vanilla with some spicy notes. It’s definitely unique and makes you smell amazing without being overwhelming.”

A total classic, Burberry for Women feels very grown-up and sexy, with notes of sandalwood, amber, cedarwood, and musk. But it’s also lightened up a bit with fruity scents of peach and apricot. One reviewer said, “I discovered this way back in the 1990s and have worn it every day since—I love it so much I wear it even when I’m not going anywhere. To me, it smells like vanilla with a hint of apricot, clean laundry, and an ever-so-subtle hint of fresh-cut grass and wildflowers in the breeze. It’s so delicious and sexy at the same time, and it melds into the skin and pleasantly lingers all day long. Everyone knows this is my scent, and I cannot count how many times I have been told, ‘You always smell so good!'”

This Burberry favorite has been around for a long time (since 1997 to be exact). Weekend is described as a sheer fragrance with top notes of tangerine, tree sap, and reseda plant. It also contains floral notes of wild rose, peach blossom, iris, hyacinth, and nectarine. Cedarwood and sandalwood complete the scents.

Another ode to London, this fragrance is described as bringing “to life the freedom of hazy London days.” The romantic scent has floral notes of rose and peony, but it’s also balanced with refreshing scents of lemon and fresh ginger and grounding notes of musk and amber. One reviewer wrote, “I’m not a big fan of strong, heavy perfumes. Most give me a headache. I loved this perfume, though. I thought it was a great mix of being light and fresh but still a hint of floral and smells expensive. This could definitely be a day to night fragrance.”

Burberry might have a lot of floral scents, but there are still options for those who might prefer something musky, deep, and grounding. This one is inspired by the clary sage fields of the Sussex countryside. In addition to clary sage, it also has notes of fresh cardamom, herbal vetiver, and soft hay.

This fragrance has a little bit of drama—the inspiration is a London garden during a gathering storm. It includes top notes of peach nectar, middle notes of jasmine and sugared rose, and notes of patchouli and amber to tie it all together. One reviewer wrote, “This perfume is simply delicious! I had no intention on buying this perfume. In fact, I never heard of it because it’s so new. However, when I sprayed it on my arm, I was sold. It is fun, sexy, and makes you feel like a ‘grown woman’ without smelling like an old woman. I love things that make me feel ‘womanly,’ such as perfume and makeup. This really makes me feel good! It’s not too strong but not so light that I can’t smell myself. This can be worn on a date and to work. It lasts long, too. If you want a scent that will make you feel sexy for any occasion and make heads spin, this is the scent for you.”

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