“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” Trailer Has Dropped And You Know What, 2018 Might Not Be A Burning Tyre Fire After All

PLOT RECAP: After Amber found a royal note or something in a Christmas tree ornament declaring that Prince Richard is the Heir to the thrown (yep), Amber returned to New York with the scoop of the century. The story was then subsequently rejected by her editor because it was too boring (??!!!) so she decided to put it on a “blog online” instead.

Prince Richard then read the “blog online” (yes, that’s actually how she described her blog in the film, as if blogs have been always offline and a “blog online” is a new phenomenon) and they decide to get married even though they only have known each other for approximately a week.

Oh, and for half of that week she had been pretending to be someone else.

Yes, I have seen this film more than once. I am single. I don’t care.