9 Low-Effort Outfits I’m Guessing You Have All the Pieces For

Each year, there comes a time when your wardrobe is desperate for a breath of fresh air—candidly, I am going through it right now. Though your closet is likely equipped with essentials, like layering turtlenecks,basic blazers, and statement-making outerwear pieces, you fall for the fallacy that you “have nothing to wear.” And trust me, I understand, I’ve been there. But before you retreat to a dramatic disposal of your clothing, consider this: merchandise your go-to basic wardrobe pieces in your closet—this includes tops, dresses, jackets, denim, trousers (you get the idea)—and clearly separate them so you can assess the situation. Begin creating a range of outfits among the basic pieces, followed by styling them with more bold pieces and accessories. By doing this, you will start to fall in love with your closet all over again, and that is the best feeling. 

Still not sure where to even start? Fortunately, we already did the due diligence in researching outfits that require minimal effort in styling and look effortlessly cool. From printed blouses paired with a wide leg trouser to matching your sweater dress with a chunky knit scarf, there is plenty of inspiration to draw from when styling out low effort ensembles. So, before you officially declare you have nothing to wear, keep scrolling to discover nine low effort ideas that are worth giving your closet a second chance.

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