8 Standout Street Style Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Do you know that feeling when you can intuitively tell that something is happening but don’t necessarily have the proof it is? Well, that’s how most fashion editors and buyers feel about trends. While runway shows give us some insight into what will come back in style, it’s all really hearsay until it’s spotted in the streets of cities like Copenhagen and London. Fashion week is the fastest way to confirm our suspicions about what people are actually wearing. Of course, what trends manage to transcend the runway and become popular are based on a myriad of things (e.g., seasonality, wearability, and personal style), but possibly the biggest factor is location. It’s not just that it has to come from a fashion hub. Rather, one particular city has always had its hand in dictating what’s stylish: Milan.  Hear me out on this. I know we are all Paris stans and love New York, but Milan is where it’s at. And it’s not just because some of the most prolific fashion houses, like Prada and Versace, are based in this city. It’s also the street style scene. All roads may lead back to Rome, but most trends lead back to the cobbled streets of Milan. To prove that point, I’ve scoured thousands of street style images to round up some of the best outfits from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. Plus, I’ve identified the eight biggest trends everyone wore and shopped them out. Consider this your gut check about what’s really happening. 

Heavy-duty leather pieces were a standout trend in fall/winter 2022 collections, but there was no telling whether this style would stick around until now. We saw a slew of leather jackets on the Milan fashion set—everything from oversize bomber jackets to overly worn-in moto jackets to ’90s-inspired longline coats. If you need proof that leather outerwear is a must-have trend right now, keep scrolling.

Opt for a moto jacket with a worn-in look to emulate the looks from Milan Fashion Week. 

Can you imagine wearing this coat in Milan?

Bomber jackets were seen everywhere this season.

Let’s make it clear: Suiting is nothing new. We’ve seen menswear staples like relaxed trousers, blazers, and even loafers hold a formidable part of the conversation for the past few seasons, so it only makes sense that ties would be next. And of course, it would be brought back into the fold by the style set in Milan. We saw ties’ versatility on full display this fashion week through the styles themselves and the styling. From thin leather ties paired with hot pants to skirt suits paired with matching pinstripe ties, there was no shortage of street style inspiration when it came to this accessory.

At the top of my wish list. 

A solid-colored silk tie is the easiest way to adopt this trend. 

Gucci always gets it right. 

If Milan proved anything, it’s that maximalism is back, specifically in the form of metallics. From low-slung maxi skirts to denim jackets coated in silver to blazers and miniskirts adorned with heavy sequins to chrome accessories, metallics in all their forms shined this season. Keep scrolling to see how the Milanese fashion set wore high-shine pieces this season.

Lean into the trend fully. 

A simple way to embrace metallics is through separates—like a low-slung miniskirt. 

Is it just me, or did this bag also make you want to scream, “alien superstar”?

Fur for fall? Maybe it’s a bit predictable, but yet again, the Italians know how to make the “simplest” things all the more stylish. And this season, we saw shearing and faux-fur reimagined into fun accessories that made this trend feel more fun than ever. Keep scrolling to see how furry hats, bags, and shoes were styled this fall.

So cozy. 

It’s a need, not a want for me. 

Shearling mules? Yes, please. 

‘Tis the season for layering, and I can’t personally think of a more adept trend for the times than extreme layering. While adding on a coat or scarf is always a must for fall, we saw the Italian fashion set take layering to a new level by styling dresses over trousers, denim skirts over jeans, and even bra tops over bodysuits. It was all about using layers to add depth to the look, but you don’t have to take my word for it—keep scrolling to get the gist.

Ease yourself into this trend by opting for one-pieces that give off the illusion of being layered. 

The double waistband on this pair of jeans makes it look like you’re wearing multiple layers with ease. 

Pro tip: pick pieces with built-in layers to add even more interest to your ensembles. 

Sporty sunglasses have been having a moment, and there’s no further proof of that than the ensembles spotted at Milan Fashion Week. We saw the Italian set style the sporty shades with everything from leather jumpsuits to denim jackets, proving that these shades are versatile and here to stay. Keep scrolling to see how these shades were styled.

I own these, and I can tell you they’re worth every penny. 

Pair these with a moto jacket and you’ll look like you came fresh off a runway. 

The color of these shades will make all your fall outerwear pop. 

Another prevalent trend I spotted on the streets of Milan was high boots. Of course, tall boots always manage to come back in style every fall, but I saw the fashion set opt for more dramatic versions of knee-high, over-the-knee, and high-high boots that boasted harsh angles, interesting textures, and surprising colors. The result is a shoe trend that can leave you ridin’ high—literally and emotionally.

Step into fall in style. 

The high shaft of these boots paired with the chunky lug sole makes them the perfect way to wear this trend every day. 

This color!

Last but certainly not least is one more trend that stood out on the cobbled streets of Milan—fuschia pink. Of course, it’s hard for this saturated shade not to draw attention, but the way the Milanese set styled this hue made it all the more stylish. There were so many ways this hue was made wearable for everyday life, further proving that no other city can show which trends are worth wearing like Milan. 

Pink blazers are the fall staple you didn’t even know you needed—until now. 

Perfection. No notes. 

Now that you’ve stumbled upon the perfect pink trousers, all you need to do is book a trip to Milan. 

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