8 Home Accessories Every Fashion Person Owns

Home is where we spend the most time in life (even when it’s not a global pandemic), so wanting to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible is understandable. And needless to say, fashion people are very good at that. In recent times, they’ve been just as apt to Instagram their living spaces as they have their shoes (or you could always do both in the same shot). Don’t you just love being invited to snoop?

Our virtual home snooping provided us with lots of insight into the accessory trends that are really taking off right now. The beauty of home accessories is that, just like fashion accessories, they have the ability to freshen up your space and make it feel cool with far less commitment than a furniture piece. One of our favorite analogies is that mirrors are like the jewelry of a home.

So let’s do a little snooping (and shopping), shall we? Scroll on for 8 major home accessory trends among the fashion crowd.

Mirror selfies are made all the more interesting when they’re captured in a unique mirror. Instagram has plenty of proof of that.

So this is technically a furniture piece, but it’s a prop in so many outfit photos that I had to include it. Plus, it’s far less commitment than, say, a couch, and it’s kind of portable (so you can move it to find your best lighting).

A large indoor tree can be a lot of work to, you know, keep it alive, but it’s worth it. If you’d rather not, invest in a high-quality faux one.

Just like in fashion, checkerboard everything is everywhere right now, and w expect it to stay that way for a while (at least as far as home accessories are concerned).

Bust statues provide a cool contrast to many of the other home trends out there, and they’re a surefire conversation starter.

Furry accents lend an undeniable warmth and coziness to a space, no matter what the season is. They look chic literally anywhere. 

Ribbed glass is unfortunately not all that easy to find, so when you do, you might want to snag it. We typically see it in the form of vases, glassware, and candleholders.

This one probably seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but fashion people love fashion coffee table books—always have, always will,

Next up, the fashionable home décor items our Market Director thinks will transform a space.