7 Trendy Basics You Shouldn’t Enter 2021 Without

Basics are great and all, but if you’re an avid lover of trends and love constantly treating yourself to new random purchases, might I introduce you to “trendy” basics instead? Trendy basics are essentially slightly more interesting versions of the timeless wardrobe staples you likely already have sitting in your closet. For example, a silky button-up shirt versus the usual poplin one. Get the picture? 

Ahead, I have listed out 7 of the trendy basics you should not even think about entering 2021 without. If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to remain hopeful about what next year will bring, so instead of relying on more simplified basics, amping them up a bit doesn’t sound half bad. 

Basic button-downs will always be in style, but this year, we are upgrading the classic ever so slightly with these silky versions. 

Oddly enough, clogs have made a major statement this year and fashion girls are here for them. From printed to fur-lined versions, these comfy shoes are definitely on the rise. 

Why wear a plain long-sleeve top when you can wear one with a spicy neckline? Asymmetrical necklines have been bubbling for a couple of months now and if you ask me, they are the easiest way to jazz up everything from jeans to sweatpants. 

Ease your way back into jeans after the holidays with baggier styles. This loose look is championed by It girls everywhere and we have a feeling the denim trend will only continue to increase in popularity come the new year. 

Lounge around in style with matching comfortable sets. Retailers have really hopped on board with this trend and are now offering such a wide variety, you could wear a different style every day of the week. 

Sweater vests are the knitwear trend that just won’t quit. Wear them over dresses, with jeans, or under blazers for a trendy yet timeless look.

Yoga pants, flared leggings—whatever you want to call them—are officially the newest athleisure trend to hit the scene, but fashion girls aren’t wearing them for exercise. Instead, they are styling them as they would any other pants. So if you love feeling comfortable and currently hate your jeans, buy yourself a pair ASAP.

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