7 Brands Who Have Mastered Edgy Style (and What I’d Buy From Each)

If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you know just how much we love timeless and classic style over here. But as much as we go on and on about putting together the perfect polished ensemble, there’s also something to be said for adding a bit of an edge to your wardrobe. It can be as simple as a pair of leather trousers or as daring as a cutout dress—the amount of edge is totally up to you.

To help you bring a little toughness to your look and serve as a shopping guide if your style skews edgy, we’ve put together a list of the seven best edgy clothing brands right now that strike the perfect balance between subversive and stylish. The labels below bring a lot of look, if you know what I mean, so I took the liberty of curating a mini shopping list of what I’d personally buy from each of them. A few of these items are even residing in my shopping cart as we speak. Scroll down to see and shop them all.

What I’d buy: Corsets, creative knits, tasteful cutouts

What I’d buy: Cutout and lace-up pieces and summery dresses

What I’d buy: Leather pieces and statement accessories

What I’d buy: Reinvented basics, graphic tees and sweatshirts

What I’d buy: Leather jackets, layering tops, and colorful pieces

What I’d buy: Second-skin tops, utility-inspired separates

What I’d buy: Special basics

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