66 Thoughts I Had Watching This Week's “Game Of Thrones”

1. Honestly, I feel a little empty now that the Night King is dead.

2. Like, really, we’re gonna fight over the throne now?

3. Hopefully Cersei does something so despicable that I’m like, “Ohhhhh yes that’s right, I do hope she suffers a terrible death.”

4. Man, the “previously on” sequence was a real punch to the gut. “Hey, remember all those characters you love that just died?”

5. Well, at least they’re burning the bodies. Might be pointless now but you can’t be too safe when you were just overrun by zombies.

6. Our Night King theories might be dead, but now we can theorize about what Dany whispered to Jorah!


8. But at least he’s alive, thank god.

9. “You’re Robert Baratheon’s son.” Oof awkward.

10. Wow, Dany did something nice?

11. Leave it to Davos to make this awkward dinner less awkward. Stellar people skills.

12. Now Gendry and Arya don’t have to worry about their “Uptown Girl” thing.

13. Interesting line from Davos about how the Lord of Light and all surrounding prophecies are pretty much MIA.


15. Stop wasting all that wine, Tormund. You’re sloshing.

16. Poor Dany, watching all her accomplishments taken away by a man who did significantly less.

17. Awww, poor Tormund, watching Jaime follow Brienne.

18. Poor Hound, having to deal with Tormund hahaha.

19. Sansa isn’t a little bird anymore *sob*

20. Lovely little “that’s not you” Nymeria callback there.

21. Jaime’s seduction techniques are top-notch.

22. Oh my goddddd is it happening?

23. IT IS.

24. Good for Brienne and Jaime. They deserve this. Maybe Tormund doesn’t.

25. Could it be? Could two Game of Thrones characters actually be weirded out by their incest?

26. Nope, Dany’s just mad about the throne.

27. She’s right though, if people find out it won’t matter if Jon doesn’t want it, they’ll want him on the throne.

28. I feel so bad for Jon. All he wants is to avoid management responsibilities.

29. He literally just doesn’t want to deal with paperwork.

30. Dany ever so reluctantly agreeing not to burn fucking everything to the ground.

31. Sansa and Arya are being so sweet and also completely misunderstanding Jon.

32. Oh Jon, you’re so naive.

33. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to tell tall person jokes?” I’m so glad we’ve gotten some Tyrion moments lately.

34. “Oh hi Bronn, what’cha doing with that crossbow?”

35. I swear, at this point Bronn’s going to end up on the Iron Throne just based on his negotiation tactics.

36. Classic Hound/Arya road trip time!

37. Poor Rhaegal looks a little hobbled 🙁

38. “The men in my family don’t do well in the capital.” VERY TRUE.

39. Sansa, you kept that secret for like 10 minutes.

40. Awww Ghost and Tormund get to live out their days up north?


42. “I hope it’s a girl.” Jonette it is!

43. Varys is literally the first person to mention the aunt thing, I think.



46. Fucking Euron.

47. Honestly, who cares about Cersei anymore? Just give Euron a slow death.

48. If he kills Grey Worm now, I swear….

49. Phew, he made it.

50. Where’s Missandei though?


52. Oh nooooo.

53. Damn, is Varys getting straight-up treasonous here?

54. Very old school. Takes me back to Season 1.

55. Wow, so Jaime and Brienne are like a regular hookup now.

56. I’m sobbing now, thanks Brienne.

57. So much for Jaime’s character arc.

58. It does sound bad when you list all the bad things he did at once.

59. Dany’s standing awfully close considering that Cersei CANNOT BE TRUSTED FOR ONE SECOND and also has GIANT ARBALESTS.

60. “No, it is not a pleasant sound.” Jesus Christ, Qyburn, that was dark.

61. What does Missandei mean? To burn them all down?


63. Dammit, of course Missandei and Grey Worm didn’t get their happy ending.

64. Why would they? This show hates us and it hates happiness.

65. I take it back when I said I wanted Cersei to do something awful.

66. This was a BIT MUCH.