63 Movies That Will Always, Always Comfort You

1. Practical Magic. It has such a strong message of sisterhood, whether or not it’s by blood. Also, it introduced me to midnight margaritas, which are a gift. —Elissa Westmoreland, Facebook

2. Deadpool. It’s the only movie I know that doesn’t take itself so seriously, and I prefer something that can make me laugh and smile. —Jackie Cook, Facebook

3. The Emperor’s New Groove. It’s a perfect mixture of hilarious and heartwarming, which is exactly what you need when you’re sad. —Emily Forrer, Facebook

4. Legally Blonde. When I’m sad? Legally Blonde. Sick? Legally Blonde. Too much to drink but not ready to go to bed? Legally. Fucking. Blonde. —Caitlyn Suchy, Facebook

5. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. It never fails to distract me from bad feelings. —Debby Murphy-Stevens, Facebook

6. The Mighty Ducks. If watching a ’90s movie about a disillusioned lawyer turning a bunch of rag-tag teenage kids into an ultimate winning team doesn’t get you up, nothing will. —Ruby Tempestas, Facebook

7. Jupiter Ascending. True sci-fi opera. Glitter everywhere, amazing sets and worlds, inclusive casting and such a fun plot. Plus, Sean Bean as Sad Bee Space Dad. Oh my gosh, it’s just so good. —Zoë Stevenson, Facebook

8. Stranger Than Fiction. When Ana starts looking at Harold as the sweet, lonely man he is instead of the IRS goon she perceived him to be, it melts my heart. —Michelle Gazzard, Facebook

9. Dirty Dancing. Any time I’m having a bad day it’s my go-to. The final dance number and “Nobody puts baby in a corner,” cheer me up, every time. —Stacy Braunworth, Facebook

10. The Princess Bride. It’s so wonderfully silly it can take my mind off of damn near anything. —Joanna Essery, Facebook

11. One Day. It’s so heartbreaking and makes me feel like my life sucks a little less. It’s a guilty pleasure/cry-every-time-I-watch it type of movie. —Hilary Tacoma, Facebook

12. Spirited Away. The fact that the main character can be transported to a different world and then come back with the courage to face her problems has always helped me get through things. jessicariley

13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Its wonderfully ridiculous and it never gets old. —Nicole Madden, Facebook

14. Waitress. Gets me right in the feels and gives me strength to go on. —Libby O’Meara, Facebook

15. Mad Max: Fury Road. Because the explosions are cathartic, and when the whole world goes to shit some ladies just keep on kickin’ ass. mangofox

16. Babe. Nothing like a talking animals movie to make you feel better. —Hannah Morrison, Facebook

17. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It reminds me that in the end, everything will work out as it should. stephanieh47b9ff23c

18. Pride and Prejudice. There is nothing that Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy and the beautiful English countryside can’t make better. Jessica Len

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas. The music, the animation, the happy ending — it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. same4cdc4a02a

20. When Harry Met Sally. It’s the perfect feel-good movie. No matter how many times I watch it, I will never get sick of it. It just makes you feel happy. Jen Lambert

21. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I can quote the whole thing by heart. Years later, it still cracks me up every time. katey4ac326951

22. Romeo + Juliet (1996). Give me a bottle of wine and some ’90s Leo and I’m good to go. The nostalgia is so damn comforting. whiiitney

23. The Birdcage. Always makes me laugh and feel good! katiem4493674a4

24. Big Fish. It’s whimsical and a little eccentric, but it’s also a little sad and humbling. Overall, just a great reminder that our lives are what we make of it. kmbrlytktt

25. Enchanted. A seriously underrated Disney movie, but it’s so fun and joyful. Just what I need when I’m feeling blue. alexd473d6ae20

26. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2). Helps me realize even shit goes down in the Wizarding World. mariolac

27. Bridget Jones’s Diary. If Bridget can quit her job, fail fantastically at public speaking, moon a country on live TV, and find love, then I can make it through this week. caitlinm18

28. Love Actually. Nothing makes me feel more comforted than a movie that constantly reminds you that love and happiness is all around you. aliyyaha

29. Casablanca. The movie doesn’t have a happy ending so it’s not too cheesy, but it’s just a beautiful and sad love story that takes my mind off of all the bad things happening in life. allied49e5b98a6

30. Donnie Darko. It’s a beautiful love story between two broken people. And it shows how one person really can change the world. paitay21

31. Amelie. Always and forever. It really shows you how to appreciate the little pleasurable things in life. pandabear14

32. The Wedding Singer. The chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler plus the totally ’80s soundtrack is rad to the max. ynezg

33. The Last Five Years. There’s something about the swap of happy/sad/happy/sad that helps me remember there’s always light in the dark. emmibeard

34. Chicago. It makes me feel like a strong independent woman who can get away with anything. daniellew48bcaa6ef

35. Miss Congeniality. It’s been my go-to movie since I was eleven years old. I can quote the whole thing. aleshas89

36. Dead Poets Society. It’s a sad movie, but John Keating (Robin Williams) brings me comfort. calliewilhite17

37. Labyrinth. Nothing is better than an ’80s movie with Bowie. goblinqueen13

38. The Young Victoria. Emily Blunt is fantastic and seeing a teen take control of her life, become queen, and be unafraid to fall in love is inspiring. ccbricks

39. Clue. The crazy antics never fail to make me laugh during hard times. liliannakrystalp

40. Tangled. Nothing makes me happier when I’m feeling sad, down, or just out of sorts. mythandry

41. Becoming Jane. There’s something about the undying love of Jane Austen and Tom LeFroy in spite of their hopeless circumstances that gives me hope that true love is real and powerful. aebeyer

42. Groundhog Day. It’s all about conversion and hope and centers me when I’m overwhelmed by the world. gwendolynr2

43. The Princess and the Frog. It reminds me that no matter how bad things get, if I work hard I can achieve the things that I want. jasminen44d34f363

44. Easy A. Being in high school, I love watching Olive (Emma Stone), she doesn’t let teenage drama hold her back and I always find it comforting and inspiring. hemmingshayniac

45. Can’t Hardly Wait. The movie itself is hilarious and reminds me so much of all the great stuff I loved about high school. Christina K

46. The Royal Tenenbaums. Something about the complete, utter, dark dysfunction of that family is comforting. jessicat49a45be70

47. She’s The Man. This is the best movie to make you laugh even if you’ve had the worst day. kayshapc

48. Jurassic Park. It doesn’t matter what kind of awful day I’m having, as soon as I turn that movie on I go back to being a doe-eyed, dinosaur-loving kid. amandar46cdbcf79

49. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). It has just the right amount of whimsical childhood wonder in it — and it all takes place in a freaking chocolate factory. jellyment

50. Ever After. It’s not exactly what you’d call historically accurate, but it’s a wonderful story of loss, romance, and courage. And it does end happily ever after. emmah4a4d7f5aa

51. How To Be Single. It’s the perfect feel-good movie! liinal2

52. Empire Records. Every character is different but familiar in a way, and the soundtrack is insane. kerrygill95

53. Die Hard. If the world is burning I want John McClane to be by my side. thatcarrie

54. Galaxy Quest. Every time I was sick as a kid, I would put in that tape, and now I watch it whenever I’m feeling down, because it always manages to make me laugh. sarahm461ad99e9

55. The NeverEnding Story. It makes me feel like a little girl again; it takes me to a place where I’m in control and above the troubles in my life. katieg4a39e845a

56. Shrek. It’s even better as an adult and never fails to remind me that even the most unlikely stories can have happy endings. vevsee

57. Finding Nemo. It’s emotional so that’ll you’ll cry just enough to feel better, but you’ll also laugh and get to speak whale. gabrielleg486ed9118

58. The Dark Crystal. It takes fantasy to a whole new level and is overall a movie that you can just watch and appreciate, while feeling your stress melt away. rhcandyrush

59. Mary Poppins. If I come back from a shitty day, I just go into auto mode and the next thing I know, I’m tucked beneath a pile of blankets on the bed and the opening credits to Mary Poppins is playing on my laptop. ravenbard

60. The Fifth Element. The perfect mix of action, comedy, and adventure. lennyashiv

61. Mamma Mia. It may be pure cheese, but it never fails to lift my heart. freyar48f58cc99

62. Holes. Reminds me that it might take a bit to get to your happy ending, but goddamn, it’s worth waiting for. Also, it makes me want to eat onions and peaches. alexkcov

63. First Wives Club. Empowered ladies empower ladies! emilyrebeccam

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