6 Timeless Basics My Niece, Sisters, Mom, and I All Appreciate

In my family, there happen to be a lot of women. My mom, for one, has two sisters, three daughters, and even three granddaughters already, and she’s not even 60 yet. Growing up, this definitely had its perks, the most relevant of which being that there was always someone to borrow something to wear from. More recently, the dynamic has evolved on a deeper level and manifested itself into a strong bond among women spanning many decades, with fashion being just one of many things we have in common.

Since fashion is the main focus of this site (and my job), let’s dive into that some more. Sure, my mom’s not necessarily interested in dressing like a TikToker, and my 12-year-old niece has probably never clicked on the suiting tab of her favorite online shop, but among all of us and despite our ages, there are basic essentials we all appreciate and acknowledge as being a crucial part of a well-balanced wardrobe. What are they? Just keep scrolling to find out and to shop our picks for each. 

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