6 Effortless Outfits I Fall Back on When I Feel Like I Have Nothing to Wear

We’ve all been there: While standing in our closets, staring at the full racks, we make the inevitable declaration that we have nothing to wear. Obviously we all probably have something to wear, but in my case, for what it’s worth, what I likely mean is that I’m tired of all my clothes or I’m not feeling creative enough to put an outfit together. That’s when having an arsenal of go-to effortless outfits comes in handy. 

Below, I highlighted five of the effortless outfits I turn to when the nothing-to-wears hit me. They don’t require a lot of pieces, and the pieces they do require are mostly basics. And the even better news is that all of these outfits can be recreated with our very own Who What Wear Collection’s chic pieces.

Scroll to find out what you need to recreate the looks, and shop the pieces you’re missing while you’re at it.

This polished cold-weather outfit looks amazing with sneakers. No complaints here.

When I wear leggings out and about (for non-workout purposes), I always try to make them cute by pairing them with stylish pieces that dress them up a bit.

If it’s below 60 degrees, you can guarantee that I’ll only wear dresses that start with the words knit or sweater. Just add a cool belt and the boots of your choosing and you’re set.

The rare outfit that could work for both day and night.

The one definitely wins the simplicity award. 

The neckline on this makes it look very expensive.

It’s built for wearing over and over.

Everything about this is just right.

Going-out tops don’t have to be uncomfortable (case in point)

So many great outfits start with these pants.

Me and my fellow editors can’t get over how well-made this jacket is.

Don’t forget the matching skirt ($125)

You can wear this dress four different ways. Genius. 

This ballerina-inspired dress is my idea of an elevated basic.

I want them in every color.

The color makes this skirt extremely versatile.

When I at least know I want to wear a blazer, I start with a neutral color such as this one.

One more expensive-looking vegan leather item for your consideration.

Looks like a nothing-to-wear remedy to me.

I love a good black and white print.

You’ll definitely want this for wearing out at night during fall and winter.

I love having little tops like this for layering.

Next up, the inexpensive, designer-quality sweat I keep telling people about.