6 Dated Spring Accessories I Don’t Plan on Wearing This Year

There’s a special place in my heart for winter accessories, but it’s time to move on for now. The official start of spring is next month, and it’ll be a welcome change in temperature for most of us. It’ll also be a significant change for our wardrobes as we dust off our tank tops white dresses and put away the winter gear (which I’m too tired of to even list right now).

The thing that I enjoy most about spring accessories is that they don’t have to be quite as functional and practical as their winter counterparts. They don’t really need to keep you warm or cool—their main purpose is to enhance your outfits and add some personality to your basics.

As I’ve been doing with my entire wardrobe, I’ve taken stock of my spring accessories as it looms near, and I found a few hiding in my closet that have peaked. Hence, I plan on replacing them with a few fresher trends. Scroll to see what they are if you’re curious, and shop the spring accessories I do plan on wearing this year.

There was a time when sunglasses with brightly colored frames were my go-to, but now I turn to more sophisticated pairs. In particular, I think oval-shaped shades are both trendy and timeless, and flattering on a variety of face shapes.

Perhaps if I was vacationing on the French Riviera, I’d want to pack a floppy straw hat but otherwise, I’m over the trend. But a hat trend I don’t think I’ll ever be over is baseball caps, and there are tons of fun logo ones on the market to choose from (some of which are quite affordable).

Espadrilles in general aren’t a trend I’m crazy about, and I never felt like the espadrilles sneaker trend suited me. A trend that definitely shows no signs of cooling off is platforms, and while I’m a little hesitant to try the ultra-high platforms, never say never I suppose.

There was a time when you couldn’t have pried my bucket bags out of my hands, but all good things must come to an end (although I’m positive the trend will return). The current trend I’m into is a little more specific, but Balenciaga’s reboot of its motorcycle bags have made me fall hard for the trend.

I think we can all agree that seashell jewelry is fun and vacation-friendly, but it’s a trend that cycles in and out. Right now it’s all about brightly colored baubles that can’t help but lift your mood and lure in compliments.

R.I.P. my one pair of PVC shoes. Two things drive me up a wall about them: They’re uncomfortable and they look pretty gross when they fog up (which is often). I’m happy to bid the trend adieu and will instead be shopping for pointed-toe shoes which are back again (but never really left).

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