5 Trends in My Closet That Are Becoming Irrelevant and What I’m Buying Instead

In general, I try to avoid falling into any sort of trend-cycle trap. I believe that personal style is all about deciding which pieces you feel most passionately about and wearing them with reckless abandon, no matter if they’re technically “in” or “out.” That being said, it’s still justifiable to keep your eye on designers and items that are having a moment in the spotlight and adding those to your rotation if they seem like a good fit. In other words, you can participate in fashion trends without considering them the be-all and end-all.

Keeping this in mind, I took stock of my existing wardrobe to identify which trends I’ve invested in over the last year or so that are no longer serving a purpose. Five, in particular, stood out to me as items that I’m simply not wearing anymore. Ahead, find out which trends have become irrelevant in my wardrobe and what pieces I’m replacing them with for the months ahead.

Every brand under the sun has released its own iteration of the footwear trend. While they had their moment in the spotlight—and it was a bright one—this shoe silhouette is starting to feel tired to me and can be impractical.

I’ll always be a loafer girl, which is why even though I’m removing backless versions from my closet, a pair of block-heel loafers will be swiftly taking their place. The aesthetic feels polished and the short, comfortable heel is appropriate for everything for any outfit.

I can’t justify spending money on a handbag that can’t even hold my iPhone. While this trend had some serious designer endorsements, I’m kicking tiny purses to the curb.

Do you know what’s better than not being able to carry everything you need in one bag? Being able to carry everything you need in one bag. That’s why I’m smitten with the new macro-bag trend that’s picking up speed. If you invest in a stylish version, then it feels like part of your outfit rather than an afterthought. 

Remember when all anyone could seemingly talk about was the return of ’80s style? Well, I was born in the 1980s, and I’m not ready to take a walk down memory lane just yet, which is why I’m retiring blazers with voluminous shoulder pads for the time being. 

Vegan leather has taken the fashion world by storm, and it shows no signs of stopping. With the recent advances in the quality of vegan leather on the market, it’s a wonderful way to get the luxe look of leather for less. 

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I never was really fond of lucite earrings, I just feel like there are much more elevated options in terms of jewelry that I’ll be gravitating more towards this upcoming year. 

I’m always drawn to materials that come from the earth, which is why the recent wooden jewelry trend is especially enticing to me. From hand-carved earrings to wood bead necklaces, there are so many creative iterations bubbling up, and I’m on board with all of them.

I wholly blame my animal-print slip skirt fatigue on Instagram. This year, there was an overload of #OOTDs involving a slip skirt in some sort of animal (or floral) pattern. While I’m not inherently opposed to the idea of this trend, the sheer number of times I’ve seen it is making me think it’s time to try something new until it feels fresh again.

There’s nothing better than knowing you always have a handful of pieces you can put on and feel instantly put-together in—the kind of wardrobe classics that always look good and make you feel good. Such is the case with a pair of versatile trousers, which is why I’m making them my bottom of choice for the months ahead.

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