5 Stylish Desk Accessories I’m Buying to Save My Dull WFH Setup

Even though I sometimes worked from home in the past, I never got around to setting up any kind of home office. I was guilty of working from the bed, couch, or dining room table, which wasn’t ideal back then and definitely isn’t great now that I’m working from home every single day. Whether you’re in the same boat or could just use a few items to spruce up your desk, I rounded up some items to make your space more stylish and (hopefully) more conducive to productivity.

For starters, don’t underestimate the power of touches like fresh flowers in an artistic vase or a comforting candle. They’re far from essential, but surrounding myself with pretty things is definitely motivating for me. Then there are more functional things to consider, like good lighting which will prevent your eyes from getting too strained. Scroll down to shop the four items I’m personally buying for my work-from-home desk.

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