5 Popular Shoe Trends the Fashion Crowd Is Wearing With Dresses

As a shoe lover, I happen to think that shoes are what really make a dress. Anyone can just throw on a cute dress but how you style it is what really makes or breaks it. We’re in a bit of an anything-goes place in fashion, but that doesn’t mean that certain shoes don’t just look cooler than others with dresses, and the fashion crowd is very much aware of this.

I combed through Instagram for some great examples of the shoes I’ve been seeing the fashion crowd wear over and over with all types of dresses this season, and there are some fun ones. You might already own most of these trends but just in case, I found some excellent options for you to shop and pair with your own dresses. (And if you want to shop for trendy dresses as well, my fellow editor Judith found some great ones.)

Scroll on for all of the shoe-and-dress-pairing scoop you’ve been seeking.

This probably isn’t news to you, but fashion people have long been fond of pairing loafers with dresses. They look chic with every dress length and are a great way to make a dress feel a bit more casual for daytime. For the most “2022” look, add a pair of white socks.

When it comes to trendy sneakers, the styles that took the cake this year were undoubtedly Adidas Samba and Gazelle sneakers. Despite being around for years, the fashion crowd rediscovered them this year and they became nearly impossible to find. Their streamlined, polished look is the perfect match for dresses—especially short ones.

Knee boots are the boot trend of the season, so it’s understandable that people would be wearing them with dresses, especially since they look cool with basically every style of dress. I’m especially into this slip dress styling seen above.

Platforms quickly emerged as the biggest heel trend of 2022 earlier this year, and more often than not, it’s dresses that fashion girls choose to pair with them. There’s no better night-out pairing, if you ask me.

Thanks to Miu Miu, moto boots are back this fall. Pair them with a dress with a similar grunge aesthetic, or with one that’s a bit sweeter to provide that cool contrast that the fashion crowd loves so much.

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