5 Items Jennifer Lopez Wore Endlessly in 2020

One of the things we all unanimously agreed on in 2020 is that comfort is key. Even the most glamorous of us started to adopt more relaxed wardrobes, embracing soft pieces and laidback trends—yes, even celebrities. Jennifer Lopez is a prime example of the influence 2020 had on our collective style.

As someone who epitomizes glamour, J.Lo traded in her stilettos and bodycon dresses for sneakers and sweatsuits just like the rest of us this year. Of course, she looks equally fabulous in her leggings as she does on the red carpet (she is Jennifer Lopez, after all), but that’s beside the point. There are a few key items that defined her more relaxed style this year, so as we look back at 2020 I thought it would be fun to examine the styles J.Lo adopted to match the tone of this year. Below are the five items Jennifer Lopez wore on repeat in 2020, and some shopping in case she inspires you to adopt them yourself. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Frankie’s Bikinis Benny Sweatshirt ($130) and Frank Sweatpants ($130); Nike sneakers. Jennifer Lopez has always been a sneaker fan, but she leaned in much more heavily this year (as did the rest of us—what are heels again?). Much like everything else about her, J.Lo’s sneaker collection is impressive. From rainbow hues to classic white high-tops, she paired sneakers with just about everything and made them look unthinkably cool. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Niyama Sol leggings; The Kooples sneakers; Quay sunglasses; Valentino bag. J.Lo has always had a penchant for activewear, as she’s consistently training and rehearsing, but she took it to a whole new level this year. She’s particularly fond of Niyama Sol leggings but has worn leggings from a variety of brands and in countless colors.

On Jennifer Lopez: Niyama Sol Pink Paradise High-Waisted Leggings ($92)

On Jennifer Lopez: Coach x Jean-Michel Basquiat coat; Mother jeans; Fendi sunglasses. Jeans became one of the backbones of Jennifer Lopez’s wardrobe in 2020, much like the rest of us. From distressed styles to classic skinnies to loose silhouettes, J.Lo has embraced denim in all forms. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Coach sweatshirt

On Jennifer Lopez: The Range Vital Rib Hardware Tank ($135); Fendi Karligraphy Sunglasses ($700); The Mayfair Group Smile You’re on Camera Sweatpants ($68); Timberland boots. Timberland is one of those classic shoe brands that never goes out of style, and J.Lo has been championing them for years. In 2020, she’s worn them with everything from sweatpants to fuzzy coats and they’ve made each of her outfits feel complete.

On Jennifer Lopez: The Mayfair Group Empathy Always Crewneck Sweatshirt ($98) and The Mayfair Group Empathy Always Sweatpants ($68). 2020 should officially be known as the year of the sweatsuit. Take one look through Instagram and you’ll see this is the current dominant style, thanks for a mix of working from home and desiring comfort. J.Lo jumped on the bandwagon early and has been introducing us to fun new matching sets all year. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Coach Shearling Coat (sold out); Zoey Reva Don’t Be Chai Set ($98); Masqd Rose Gold Sequin Limited Edition Face Mask ($20)

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