5 Impossibly Chic Ways to Wear Suede

There are a few fabrics that will instantly elevate any ensemble. And yep, suede just happens to be one of said fabrics. Similar to classic leather pieces, those suede items bring a luxurious feel to any ‘fit. Naturally, this is the reason why many fashion people have gravitated towards the look over the last few seasons. Well, if you’re a fan of the fabric as well or want to introduce suede into your wardrobe and are looking for fresh outfit ideas, what’s coming your way might be particularly intriguing.

That’s right. Below we’re showcasing a few impossibly chic ways to wear suede this season. Whether you’re feeling suede boots and want a sleek outfit to try with them or have been loving all of those gorgeous suede jackets, there’s bound to be an ensemble that might pique your interest. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out stylish outfits with suede pieces, plus shop inspired picks throughout as well.

Try mixing elevated fabrics like with this ensemble featuring the suede jacket and leather pants.

Take your skirt and sweater vibe to the next level with the addition of beautiful suede boots.

A suede skirt teamed with a cardigan is effortlessly chic.

Enhance your T-shirt and jeans silhouette with a stunning suede blazer.

Here’s another stellar ‘fit showcasing suede boots—this time with a pretty midi skirt and leather trench.

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