5 Cool Outfits and Makeup Looks I Proudly Wore to Work in My Living Room

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We’ll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what’s on your weekly agenda.

Call me a serial outfit repeater or a creature of habit, but when I find a look I like, I stick with it. Which doesn’t bother me in normal times, but fast forward 11 months into working-from-home life, and this creature is sick of wearing sweatpants and no makeup. So when Merit—the well-edited clean beauty line of seven surprisingly affordable makeup essentials—launched last month, I knew it was the jumpstart I needed to get myself feeling good again. It’s not as if I ever spend more than 20 minutes on my makeup routine to begin with, but I’ve gotten used to basically doing nothing, which is why Merit was so appealing to me. It’s not fussy or complicated. I don’t need to think about what to use because the line is everything I’d need to naturally enhance my face: a complexion stick, makeup brush, highlighter, blush, lipgloss, brow gel, and mascara.

So I challenged myself to do a slightly different take on my favorite minimal makeup every single day of the week, (even if it was just some color on my lips and cheeks), and get dressed in something I’d happily wear to the office (which in this case was, of course, my living room). Keep scrolling to see my outfits and for a breakdown of my under-five-minute makeup looks—which just proves that you can still have fun with your makeup even if minimalism is your jam.  

I was feeling real adventurous for a Monday and pulled out a pair of jeans! Without an elastic waistband! And a button closure! Sure felt weird, so I had to add an oversize plaid shacket, which is basically just a really nice blanket, to bring myself back to reality. My makeup? I was feeling a monochromatic look with hints of terracotta all over. I started with the Minimalist ($38), which is a complexion stick, to cover up some discoloration around my nose, brows, and under-eye area. I used my ring finger to tap and blend it all in. I love the Shade Slick in Au Naturel ($24) but instead of using it on my lips, I opted to try some on my cheeks— the color is just too good not to! Then I used the Flush Balm  in Terracotta ($28) on my lips and lids. The color is so creamy and warm, it really brought my look together. Actually, the Clean Lash ($26) and Brow 1980 ($24) brought my look together. I kid you not: This is the best brow product I’ve ever tried. The brown is spot on, and when you use the spoolie to brush your brows up and down (this helps coat all the hairs), you’ll end up with the most perfect fluffy arches.

Black and brown is the most underrated combo. Don’t @ me. There’s just something about this look that’s the epitome of WFH style: all business up top (an on-trend collared knit and braid will do that for you), but secretly it’s still the weekend from the waist down. And you know what, I never thought I’d be someone who wears socks with sandals, but here we are. Tuesday’s makeup was all about fresh skin and lashes. I used the Minimalist ($38) all over, and instead of using my fingers, I used the Brush No 1. ($30) and blended up and out. This is one of the only makeup brushes I can see myself using regularly. It really just helps the product melt into skin and looks so, so natural. I pressed a little bit of the Flush Balm in Beverly Hills ($28) to the apples of my cheeks and used my fingers to tap the product in. Then I followed up with a healthy dose of the Day Glow in Cava ($30) above my brows and cheekbones, down my nose, and on my Cupid’s Bow. I applied a few generous coats of the Clean Lash ($26) to my top and bottom lash lines to really open up my eyes. And topped it all off with a little bit of Shade Slick in Marrakech ($24) on my lips. I used the applicator to lightly dab the color on and used my ring finger to tap and blend it all in.

I wore jeans two days in a row, so I deserved to wear a comfy pair of pants. These silky bottoms are actually pajamas—gasp! But they’re chic! And look like real pants! Especially when paired with a cozy sweater, lots of layered necklaces, and an extremely cute pair of mules. Since I went cozy on the outfit, I kind of felt like going bold with my makeup, and by bold, I mean with a berry lip and big plush brows. Honestly, I’m not a huge berry-lip person, but the Shade Slick in Sangria ($24) actually gives the perfect just-bitten color. It’s the Goldilocks of lip colors (or Goldilips, if you will). It’s not too much or too subtle, it’s just right. I dabbed on a little bit of the Flush Balm in Cheeky ($28) to my lids and fluffed up my brows by brushing them up and down until I was happy with the shape.

Thursday I was back on my A-game with a pair of cropped high-waist wide-leg jeans and a super classy cashmere polo sweater with embellished buttons. Sparkly buttons deserve the spotlight, so I kept the rest of my accessories to a minimum. Since I was wearing a high-neck top, I wanted to keep my makeup extra light. I basically only used three products: The Minimalist ($38), which I used all over my face, applying the brush in an up and out motion; a hint of the Flush Balm in Terracotta ($28)  on my cheeks; and Shade Slick in Au Naturel ($24) on my lips. I really loved the creamy orange-brown paired with my deep green top.

I made it through the work week and had to close it out with a bang. I went full-on party mode. I paired my favorite feather-trimmed bottoms with a white tee and a light brown cardigan (I wasn’t lying when I said I love a good black and brown look!) and some slides. If my outfit doesn’t scream Friday, then my makeup sure does. I was extra excited for the weekend and even though date night looks a lot different these days, I was genuinely happy to get myself dolled up. I went all out using the usual suspects: The Minimalist ($38), Brow 1980 ($24), and the Clean Lash ($26). I also used the Flush Balm in Beverly Hills ($28) on my cheeks and eyes. I used my ring finger to dab multiple layers onto my lids to create a perfectly imperfect wash of color. To finish, I added a hint of the Shade Slick in Pink Beet ($24) to my lips and called it a day.