6 Vintage Rings Worn by Celebs with Serious Class

When you’re picking an engagement ring, it can be difficult to wade through all of the styles and information available. But, when celebrities pick engagement rings, they’re often bringing a wealth of experience and influences to the table that most of us can only dream about. Thus, their picks for bling can often be inspiration for making a tasteful, classic choice. Below are six celebrities who have made the ultimate in a timeless choice, they’ve gone vintage!

Mary-Kate Olsen

While Olsen’s fame was born as a child star alongside twin sister Ashley, she has morphed into so much more. Today she’s a business woman, producer, author, and most significantly for our purposes, a fashion designer with the founding of multiple luxury brands under her belt. When French banker Olivier Sarkozy proposed he gave her a vintage 1953 Cartier. The 4-carat diamond is surrounded by 16 sapphires, and the petals are set with single cut diamonds. It is the perfect fit for the fashionista given her overall love for vintage pieces.

Scarlett Johansson

Olsen hasn’t been the only one to fall in love with a Frenchman. Romain Dauriac, a journalist, won the ultimate prize of actress Scarlett Johansson’s heart and asked for her hand in marriage in 2013 after less than a year of dating. Johansson gave him a “Yes!” and he gave her a vintage Art Deco engagement ring. In a long rectangular frame the ring features three bezel-set center diamonds, and plenty of diamond accents on top of the flush setting, as well as some on either side. The roaring 20’s brought on the design of Art Deco rings, which were made between 1920 and 1935.

Penelope Cruz

Cruz was given an antique 3-carat oval sapphire from actor and Spanish charmer Javier Bardem. The eye-catching blue is framed with diamonds in a flower pattern. Gemstones are always a fun, non-traditional choice for engagement rings. Hopefully, her immortal blue flower will mirror the longevity of a lifelong love for her and Bardem.

Milla Jovovich

The Ukrainian-born actress is the queen of sci-fi and action films. But as a model and style icon, she’s also made a name for herself as a boho-chic trend-setter. When her quirky, director boyfriend Wes Anderson proposed he did so with some serious vintage style. Her eighteenth-century ring features three diamonds, one white, one yellow, and one pale pink. The band features all-over diamond accents for the ultimate Wow! factor.

Emily Blunt

And just when you think you can’t love John Krasinski any more than you already do, he gives Emily Blunt a 3-carat diamond ring in a platinum setting. The ring is ripe with Edwardian details. Whether or not the ring is truly the period-piece its details suggest or a reproduction, one thing is clear and that’s that its pretty design features are enough to make anyone gush.

Kate Moss

Moss’s ring is not a true antique, but the story behind its vintage beauty has romance written all over it. When her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince first set out to find the perfect ring, he tried to track down the actual one worn by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda. Moss, a long-time lover of the 20’s icon, had dropped hints about the ring that Zelda had mentioned in her diary. When he couldn’t find the exact match, Hince brought a drawing of Fitzgerald’s ring to a jeweler and had a replica made for Moss.

As these stars have shown, vintage rings are on a level all their own. The details and features that they exhibit are not just beautiful, they’re ultimately timeless. You don’t have to find a true vintage to wear the style details that point to the glamour of the past. Instead, they can act as a guide for modern options that display similar features.