4 Ways Kate Middleton’s Style Has Changed Since She Became a Princess

As you already know, the passing of Queen Elizabeth triggered some major changes inside the British royal family, not least of which was Kate Middleton‘s new title. Previously known as the Duchess of Cambridge, she is now officially the Princess of Wales—the first woman to hold that title since the late Princess Diana

As expected, Middleton has handled the transition with grace, even paying homage to her mother-in-law via her fashion choices. Scroll down to learn about four ways I’ve noticed her style change since she became the Princess of Wales. 

For her very first event as the Princess of Wales, Middleton wore LK Bennett’s Spencer coat, no doubt an homage to the late Princess Diana’s maiden name. Middleton often references her late mother-in-law’s outfits—such as wearing baby blue with white polka dots for the birth of her first child, just as Diana did—but this tribute was particularly poignant because she was recognizing that Diana was the last person to use the Princess of Wales title. It was a symbolic way to honor the past while embracing the future of her role in the monarchy. 

Middleton rarely wears vintage pieces, so I definitely pay close attention when she does. In mid-October, she wore a vintage Chanel blazer in cobalt blue. Not only does she rarely wear vintage, but she almost never wears Chanel, making this a noteworthy departure from her typical fashion fare.

Middleton has been experimenting with trousers for the last couple of years, but she’s really kicked it up a notch in recent months. Whereas she used to wear dresses nine out of 10 times, now she’s wearing pants the majority of the time. We love a good style evolution. 

Middleton brought out the same camel coat twice in just two weeks. How can you blame her? It’s so darn chic. We all know she has limitless pieces to choose from, so rewearing the same item in such a short time frame may be a bid to be seen as extra relatable as she transitions into her princess role. 

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