4 Jean Outfits That Are Starting to Feel Outdated, & What We’re Wearing Instead

Sweatpants and various knit pants are definitely key staples in our wardrobes right now. That being said, we’re also still embracing our favorite jean silhouettes from time to time as well. So on that note, we thought we’d take the next few moments to chat about some of the specific denim outfit formulas we’re collectively loving. On the flip side, we also thought there could be interest in the jean looks we personally aren’t wearing as much due to their somewhat “outdated” nature. But keep in mind, all of this is based on our own personal preference, and you should always wear whatever you love—no matter what anyone says.

Below you’ll uncover the ensembles in question—from chic yet casual vibes to slightly more dressed-up moments. And if you are in fact shopping at the moment, we also rounded up inspired picks to master each look as well.

“Super-cropped flares are a jeans style that’s not exactly the freshest on the block. No matter the top you pair them with, I feel like there are more current styles out there. Definitely stash your favorite pair though, because they will certainly come back. A look I’m loving is wider-leg jeans paired with my favorite turtleneck. I like how relaxed they feel, and a cream color feels a bit unexpected, though the look is great in blue denim too.”—Kat Collings, editor in chief

“Maybe tunic tops will come back around someday, but for now, you won’t find me in jeans and a long top. Instead, my go-to outfit lately is a straight-leg or baggy pair, a slightly cropped sweater, and some form of ankle boots. It works every time.”—Allyson Payer, senior fashion editor

“I’m all about polished ensembles when I wear jeans now, so the one outfit I won’t be wearing anymore involves jeans with raw and frayed hems since they feel overly casual to me now. Instead, I’m reaching for well-tailored denim and styling it with structured pieces like a blazer and turtleneck.”—Anna LaPlaca, associate editor

“I honestly don’t think I’ve touched my pair of black jeans in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong—they’re great, but when I do lean for a denim outfit, I either go for my greyish black Levi’s or all the shades of blue. If I want to wear solid black, I would rather choose a pair of polished trousers or leggings.”—Yusra Siddiqui, assistant editor

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