39 TV Shows That Helped People Bond With Their Moms

1. Stranger Things

“I live in Japan and my mom lives in America. We’re both fraidy-cats, so we can’t watch scary things alone. We decided to watch Stranger Things at the same time while we talked on the phone. I’m trying to decide if I should just fly home for the second season or tough it out over the phone again.” —Diamond Campbell, Facebook

2. ER

Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Warner Bros. Television Distribution

“When I was little, my mom traveled for work a lot, and every Thursday night I’d try to stay up until she came home. I’d wake up to hearing the garage door close, and she’d come into the living room. We’d quietly watch ER and whisper about our weeks and I’d fall back asleep with my head in her lap.” —Rose Hedberg, Facebook

3. The Walking Dead

“When I first started watching it, my mom was sure that she would be too uncomfortable with the violence. But now she gets mad if I even think about watching without her.” —etticooper

4. Call the Midwife

“Dad goes out on Monday evenings, and when he does, me and Mum sit down together and watch an episode or two of Call the Midwife.” —Caitlin Waterfield, Facebook

5. The Great British Bake Off

“My mum, sister, and I watch it together. It’s got baked treats, funny food fails, well-mannered drama, Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry — what more could one ask for?” —Dian Idris, Facebook

6. Dancing With the Stars

“My mom’s really busy a lot of the time, and is not a huge fan of TV, so it’s the only thing she watches. Since I was 10, watching it together has been our bonding time.” —Briana Berastain, Facebook

7. Gilmore Girls

Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Warner Bros.

“The show reflects the dynamic my daughter and I have so well that we got ‘Where you lead…I will follow’ tattoos.” —Staci Alexander, Facebook

8. Psych

NBC Universal Television Distribution

“My mom and I make time every night to watch reruns, then make jokes and quote it. It’s become our thing, and I just love spending time watching it with her.” —Alibi August, Facebook

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Warner Bros.

“I grew up watching Buffy with my mom. Tuesdays were a great day. We would snuggle up, have our desserts, and enjoy the hours of camp that only Joss Whedon can provide.” —Ashley Bowdin, Facebook

11. Downton Abbey

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

“Every Sunday night a new episode would air, and my mom and I would get into our cozy pajamas, make chai tea, and crawl in her bed to watch it.” —Michayla Brock, Facebook

12. Supernatural

“Since Day 1, my mom and I watched it together. But I moved out five seasons ago, so now we wait until we’re both caught up on the new episodes and discuss everything on the phone.” —Liesa Eckstein, Facebook

13. The Fosters

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

“My foster mom and I always watch together. This show is about how family is where you belong, and not only about blood relations. They handle important topics with such a sensitivity.” —n423704101

14. New Girl

“My mom and I binged it together last summer to catch up for the latest season and we would laugh out loud together to all the jokes.” —mpudelka14

15. Mad Men

Lionsgate Television

“My mom lived during the time period the show’s set in. She enjoys Joan and Peggy, and how they don’t take crap from their male counterparts. If you want to take a history trip with your mom, this is the best show.” —maggies4634c002c

16. House Hunters

“My mom and I like to watch and make fun of the peoples’ crazy needs.” —e1919

17. Sex and the City

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / HBO Enterprises

“Not only was it a good way to ensure my dad and brothers would go upstairs and leave us alone, it was a great show to bond over. We watched primarily while I was in high school, so it led to us having great, open conversations about relationships, sex, and friendships.” —pobox

18. The Golden Girls

Buena Vista Television

“My mom and I have been watching it since I was little, and we joke that we’re just like Dorothy and Sophia!” —f493d45309

19. I Love Lucy

CBS Television Distribution

“We started watching it together when I was five years old, and to this day, almost every night after dinner, we watch it. Lucy’s antics make her laugh.” —hmfaruqi

20. Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

“My mom and I both love it and have been rewatching random episodes together for years.” —snowleopardluver

22. Sense8

“I know its super weird because of all the sex scenes, but my mum and I always watch together. We’re both hooked — we don’t watch it without each other. We only survive the sex scenes by acting incredibly busy with something on our phones. But I would never give up our Sens8 times.” —julebollie

23. Friends

Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Warner Bros.

“It was (and still is) my mom’s favorite show since it premiered in 1994, when I was five years old. I remember eating dinner every Thursday, watching Friends, up until the show ended my freshman year of high school. As I grew up, I began to understand the show and appreciate it on my own, but it’s still funniest when I watch with my mom.” —hannahs80

24. The Bachelor

“We watch every season and spend a good eight weeks obsessing about it. It’s our mutual guilty pleasure and we are both equally invested in its ridiculousness.” —chsrlotte66

25. Full House

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

“My mom and I used to watch it when I’d come home from school. It was her favorite show because she used to watch it to learn English when she first immigrated to America!” —anjaliv4e600fc7f

26. Gossip Girl

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

“It kind of became a tradition to watch it when I would get home from school or sports, so by now we’ve watched it a few times over.” —storih2

28. What Not to Wear

BBC Worldwide Productions

“That show inspired my mom to start taking more interest in her wardrobe and appearance after a turbulent marriage to my stepdad, who was verbally abusive and always bringing her down. We both know that clothes and fashion aren’t everything, but watching my mom’s confidence bloom again and see that manifest on the outside was amazing.” —imafreakokay

29. Twin Peaks

CBS Television Distribution

“Mom got me into Twin Peaks, just like her father did when she was young. The two of us can’t wait for the revival coming later this month.” —m444631130

30. Grey’s Anatomy

“My mom and I started watching when I was in the fifth grade. Twelve years later, we still watch it together when we can. I thought it was the absurd medical scenarios and relationship drama that kept us interested, but I’ve realized it’s the diverse, badass women who say and do things that keep us cheering and hollering every Thursday night.” —erica48063cc9c

31. Glee

20th Television

“My mom and I used to watch together every night when I was in middle school. It was a great way to bring up topics I would face in high school.” —cburk023

32. Say Yes to the Dress

“My mom and I have been watching for years — it’s a great thing to turn your brain off and think and dream about happy things. When we went shopping for my wedding dress nine months ago, my mom still couldn’t let go of a running joke from years ago about me wanting a mermaid dress.” —dottig

33. The Amazing Race

“We know we would never survive in the show, so my mom and I live vicariously through it. We get so into it. We’ve cried when our favorite teams have gone home. It’s not your typical mother/daughter show, but we love it!” —ashleym4af6c88db

34. The Crown

“My grandmother pointed out to my mom and I that she’s the same age as Queen Elizabeth, and it reminded us both how great a role model my grandmother is —
she and the queen are both strong, amazing women.” —m494ed10a2

35. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Michael Parmelee / NBC

“Olivia Benson is perfect and a good representation of a powerful woman. Plus, my mom tells me I should become a good lawyer because I already know what to do in those types of situations.” —b4d9e4e5d8

36. Star Trek: Voyager

CBS Television Distribution

“We both love Captain Janeway, and constantly talk about our favorite OTP: Janeway and Chakotay.” —angelicaschurch

37. Survivor

“My mom and I would never miss an episode when it started. Now I have an eight-year-old who texts her grandma after every episode with her thoughts on tribal council. It’s become a three-generation tradition!” —coril4984076fe

38. Chopped

Food Network

“We love predicting who will win or get chopped. My mom taught me how to cook so we always bond over this show.” —kbreg24

39. Desperate Housewives

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

“My mom and I used to watch together every week from the time it started. When I moved away for college, and even after, we would stay on the phone with each other for full episodes just to share our thoughts. If I ever had to work or couldn’t watch it that night for whatever reason, we would schedule a time to watch it online together. That was our time for all those years — even when we were in some terrible fights when I was a teenager. It was a great tradition throughout our sometimes tumultuous relationship.” —nikkis421597258

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