38 Items to Consider If You Want to Look Stylish But Hate to Shop

While I’m not someone who hates to shop, I certainly get it. (I actually don’t enjoy shopping in person at stores and much prefer doing it online.) Looking stylish and finding the items to make that happen can be pretty time-consuming, as is figuring out what your wardrobe needs—not to mention the time it takes just to research what the latest brands are and what trends are in and out. It’s a lot.

Even if you hate to shop or are simply too busy to do it, that doesn’t always mean that you don’t care about fashion and looking stylish. You probably just wish that it took a little less time, effort, and trouble. Perfectly understandable. With that very thing in mind, I made a list of the most of-the-moment items that will singlehandedly make you look stylish. Scroll to add your favorites to your cart—it’s actually that easy. 

This vintage-inspired option is the exact style of leather jacket that’s cool right now.

An easy, affordable way to get in on the platform trend.

Such a fun color.

As any fashion person will tell you, versatile miniskirts are becoming more popular by the day.

Wearing the color of the season (orange) is an easy way to look stylish.

A subtle yet effective wardrobe upgrade.

Calling all Birkenstock lovers.

I think about this genius blazer a lot.

A great alternative to denim shorts.

I think I’m going to need to find an excuse to order this dress.

You can expect these to sell out very quickly.

This is truly the perfect white button-down.

The back of this dress makes it night out–worthy.

Bomber jackets (oversize ones, that is) are very much back.

I’m finding these very hard to resist.

I would wear this with every single swimsuit.

Such a good trench.

Ballet flats are very much back, and this pair is perfect.

These are great spring jeans.

Can you blame me for being obsessed with this?

I highly recommend ordering these before they sell out.

A no-brainer for spring and summer weddings.

I call these non-scary low-rise jeans.

This gorgeous bag will majorly elevated any outfit.

This is on its way to me, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

So simple and perfect.

You can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of New Balance.

This is the perfect summer going-out dress.

I needed to share how pretty this top is.

If you’re looking for a good pair of trousers, I highly recommend these.

I’d take any Sporty & Rich sweatshirt but this pretty pistachio one caught my eye.

All you need to dress up a T-shirt and jeans is this necklace.

A thing of beauty.

I love a chic sweatshirt.

Hunza G never misses.

I got really excited when I stumbled upon these.

Another day, another covetable Jacquemus dress.

I look forward to seeing which celebrities wear these.

Next up, 30 H&M, Shopbop, and Revolve items I want and need this April.