33 TV Couple Moments That Were So Bad People Actually Gave Up On The Show Entirely

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV couple moment caused them to stop watching a show. Here are some of our favorites:

🚨Warning: Major spoilers ahead! 🚨


First, when Rory slept with Dean while he was married in Gilmore Girls.

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“I’ll never be able to forgive the show for this. I don’t think it was all Rory’s fault either — Dean should’ve stopped it from happening. I never liked Dean and Rory together and this solidified it. I can’t even rewatch the show past this episode.”



When Maggie and Jackson started dating in Grey’s Anatomy.


“Their entire relationship is just weird to me. Jackson and Maggie are step-siblings and while she didn’t grow up with Richard being her father, I still think it’s weird. On top of that, Jackson is so clearly still in love with April.”



When Aria and Ezra continued to be together in Pretty Little Liars.


“Aria and Ezra should’ve never continued to date once they learned that he was her teacher. I tried watching the show for a little while, but their relationship was so creepy that I had to stop.”



When Rachel chose Ross over her dream job in Paris in Friends.


“I know it happened in the last episode, but when Rachel got off the plane and gave up her dream job for Ross, the entire series was ruined for me. I can’t even rewatch that last season because of the ending.”



When Jim started treating Pam badly in the final season of The Office.


“I thought Jim treating Pam poorly was really out of character for him. I couldn’t continue the final season.”



When Ted and Robin ended up together in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.


“I know it happened at the very end, but Ted and Robin ending up together was awful. I haven’t gone back and rewatched the show because I’m still so angry.”



When Jon and Dany slept together in Game of Thrones.


“I’m really not a fan of the whole Jon and Dany pairing at all. I just don’t see any chemistry between them.”



When Lexa was accidentally shot in The 100 right after sleeping with Clarke.

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“Lexa’s death made me stop watching the show for a number of reasons, but Clarke and Lexa were a great LGBT couple and brought so much representation to TV. The way Lexa died was disrespectful to not only her character, but also her relationship with Clarke.”



When Buffy slept with Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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“After Buffy slept with Spike I stopped watching the show. I never wanted them to get together and thought they worked better as friends. I was always Team Angel.”



When Joey and Rachel started dating in Friends.


“Their relationship seemed so forced and awkward. It felt like the writers were running out of ideas and just put them together without thinking it through. I stopped watching the show shortly after this happened.”



When Elena dumped Stefan to be with Damon in The Vampire Diaries.

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“I know that most people were Damon and Elena fans, but I fell in love with the show by watching Stefan and Elena fall in love. Seriously, they were epic. I gave up on the show after Elena jumped right into bed with Damon after breaking up with Stefan. The show basically erased the Stefan/Elena relationship.”



When Lorelai slept with Christopher after arguing with Luke in Gilmore Girls.

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“Luke and Lorelai were so in love and I will never forgive Lorelai for sleeping with Christopher the second she and Luke had a big fight. I never finished the final season because of it.”



When Kara and Mon-El started dating in Supergirl.

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“The show forced Kara into a relationship with Mon-El and it made Supergirl seem weak. It felt like the show was saying that women always need to be in a relationship to be happy. Kara didn’t, and still doesn’t, need a man to define her.”



When Betty and Jughead started dating in Riverdale.

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“As a fan of the comics, I was so excited to see an asexual Jughead come to life on screen. Betty and Jughead had such a great friendship in the comics and the two being romantically together in the show just ruined it for me.”



When Olivia was constantly pushed to be with either Fitz or Jake in Scandal.


“I hated how the show always pushed Olivia to be with either Fitz or Jake. Olivia was supposed to be this strong woman but she melted anytime Fitz so much as looked at her. I couldn’t take it anymore.”



When Michael died in Jane the Virgin, which forced Jane and Rafael together.

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“It felt like the show killed off Michael just so Jane and Rafael could be together without any obstacles. Michael was Jane’s true love, sorry not sorry.”



Just everything that happened between Jackson and April in Grey’s Anatomy.


“I spent forever waiting for Jackson and April to end up together, and then when they finally did they were constantly having problems. It felt like the goal was to create drama and end the relationship. Don’t even get me started on April marrying Matthew and Jackson dating Maggie either.”



When Brandon and Callie slept together in The Fosters.


“When Brandon and Callie slept together that’s when I stopped watching the show. I mean, she was trying to get adopted by Brandon’s family and they slept together anyway. Then, she ended up getting adopted! I couldn’t deal with it.”



When Glenn was killed in The Walking Dead and he couldn’t get his happy ending with Maggie.


“Maggie and Glenn were the best couple on the show and I was devastated when Glenn was killed. I know it happened in the comics, but Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun brought so much heart to those characters and the show. I stopped watching right after Glenn’s death and haven’t looked back.”



When Nancy and Jonathan slept together for the first time in Stranger Things.


“I felt like Steve had such a great redemption arc and was changing for Nancy, but then the writers pushed Nancy to be with Jonathan. I didn’t like it at all.”



When Jackie and Hyde didn’t end up together in That ’70s Show.


“I will never forgive the writers of That ’70s Show for Jackie and Hyde breaking up. They made so much sense and changed each other for the better. I still pretend the last season doesn‘t exist TBH because Jackie and Fez were awful. Hyde and Jackie were soulmates.”



When Barry and Iris started dating in The Flash.

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“I stopped watching The Flash after Barry and Iris got together. They were raised together as siblings and I feel like Iris didn’t even like Barry romantically until she found out that he was The Flash. I don’t like them together at all.”



When Caroline ended up with Stefan instead of Klaus in The Vampire Diaries.

The CW

“I loved Klaus and Caroline and their storylines together were always so interesting. Their chemistry was incredible and I was always rooting for them. When Klaus left the show to join The Originals, I stopped watching. I hated how Caroline ended up with Stefan in the end too.”



When Ian broke up with Mickey because Mickey just wanted to take care of him in Shameless.


“The argument that led to Mickey and Ian’s break up just made no sense to me. I felt like they were breaking up just for some conflict. I stopped watching the show not long after.”



When Emma decided to be with Hook instead of Neal in Once Upon a Time.


“I know I’m in the minority with this but I always liked Emma and Neal more than Emma and Hook. I think Emma and Neal made more sense and they could’ve been a really cute family.”



When Oliver and Felicity started dating in Arrow.

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“Putting Oliver and Felicity together completely changed the show for me. I liked Felicity as an independent character and then the show made her character all about her relationship to Oliver.”



When Arizona cheated on Callie with Lauren in Grey’s Anatomy.


“When Arizona cheated on Callie, I couldn’t take it anymore. That was the first bad decision that ultimately led to Callie and Arizona never getting back together fully. I couldn’t watch the show anymore.”



When Dan and Blair started dating in Gossip Girl.

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“When Dan and Blair started dating I just had to stop watching. It didn’t make any sense for the show and it felt like the writers didn’t know what to do anymore.”



When Kurt and Blaine broke up after Blaine cheated in Glee.


“When Kurt and Blaine broke up it felt so out of character for both of them. It felt like the writers did it just to create drama and I hated it.”



When Rory and Logan started dating in Gilmore Girls.

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“Whenever I rewatch the show, I always stop when Rory meets Logan. Maybe they were right for each other, but it just seemed so unnecessary for her to meet a rich socialite and become a completely different person. Rory was down-to-earth and driven, but once she started dating Logan she wanted everything handed to her. They were a weird and obnoxious couple.”



When Clara started dating Danny in Doctor Who.


“I always skip the season of Doctor Who when Clara dated Danny. Their relationship was awkward and forced. It made no sense within the context of the show.”



When Mindy and Danny continuously got back together in The Mindy Project.


“Danny was such a horrible person and was so bad for Mindy. Mindy had so many great love interests, but the writers decided to drag her back to Danny time and time again. I couldn’t deal with it.”



When Rebecca got together with Josh after dating Greg in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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“I know the show started with Rebecca trying to be with Josh, but I loved Greg and Rebecca so much that I couldn’t deal with Rebecca dating Josh afterwards.”


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