33 Tiny Details You Definitely Never Noticed In “Friends,” “The Office,” And “Parks And Rec”

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the coolest details they’ve ever noticed in Friends, The Office, and Parks and Rec. Here are the mind-melting results.


In Friends, the front of the set can be seen during some of Jack’s lines in “The One Where Ross Got High.”


In The Office, Michael tossed Jim a condom to avoid a “surprise pregnancy” before he visited Pam in New York. Jim rolled his eyes, but at the end of the season Pam was pregnant.


In Parks and Rec, Chris told Ann that their baby was the size of a green olive, and Ann said she liked the name “Olive.” They then named their first child Oliver.


In Friends, to celebrate Courteney Cox’s marriage to David Arquette, they added “Arquette” to every actor’s name in the opening credits of Season 6, Episode 1.


In The Office, Angela covered the meat on her plate with a napkin during “The Dinner Party” episode because she was a vegetarian.


In Parks and Rec, Andy opened the door to a bunch of trick-or-treaters, and one of them was dressed as his character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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In Friends, you can see Monica skate over the mattress she was supposed to land on to help break her fall in “The One with the Bullies.”


In The Office, Meredith asked Jim to sign her cast, but John Krasinski accidentally signed his real name instead of “Jim Halpert.”


In Parks and Rec, Tom always listed off a bunch of business ideas, and one of them actually turned out to be a real thing: Tom’s Bistro.


In Friends, someone in Central Perk put a potato inside the cake display stand.


In The Office, a different woman sat in Meredith’s seat during the pilot episode.


In Parks and Rec, Leslie’s blind date gave her a free MRI, and he said that she’d be able to have triplets the first time she got pregnant. Years later, she did.


In Friends, if you look close enough you can see that Matthew Perry is actually missing part of his middle finger.


In The Office, there was a small refrigerator cake topper next to the bride and groom atop Phyllis and Bob Vance’s wedding cake.


In Parks and Rec, the same box was used between Leslie and Ben every time they gifted something to each other.


In Friends, the fourth wall of the apartment was visible for a brief moment during “The One with the Secret Closet.”


In The Office, the pilot episode showcased Dwight aggressively humming “The Little Drummer Boy,” and five years later we found out that it’s Angela’s favorite song.


In Parks and Rec, Leslie went to Salvatore the barber in Season 1, and in the penultimate episode we found out that Ron had been going to Salvatore for decades.


In Friends, both apartment numbers changed throughout the series because they realized that apartments #4 and #5 would normally be on the bottom floor of a building.


In The Office, they subtly brought back the whole “Michael Scott has soft teeth” gag a few different times.


In Parks and Rec, Leslie once found weed in the community garden, and later on Michael Tansley, a former parks director, admitted to planting weed in several community gardens.


In Friends, Phoebe had a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce in her apartment, but she’s a vegetarian.


In The Office, Michael always showed a love for sugar, but in one episode he literally poured sugar into his diet coke.


In Parks and Rec, the “future” episode showed that Jean-Ralphio ultimately made his own brand of champagne.


In Friends, the guys loved the movie Die Hard, yet none of them ever commented on how similar Elizabeth’s (aka Ross’ ex) dad looked like Bruce Willis.

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In The Office, Michael once kidnapped the pizza boy, aka Kevin McHale, and in a future episode Michael exclaimed that his favorite character on Glee was “the invalid,” who was played by Kevin McHale.


In Parks and Rec, April wore a gray hoodie to hide her wedding dress, and later on her sister ended her speech by saying that she lost her gray hoodie, meaning April probably stole it.


In Friends, the actress who played Carol’s midwife when she gave birth to Ben also played Estelle, Joey’s agent.


In The Office, when Michael dressed up as Darryl it looked like there was a little bit of black paint on his neck, as if he considered doing blackface but ultimately decided against it.


In Parks and Rec, these signs were added above water fountains to show everyone in Pawnee how to properly drink from them.


In Friends, they almost always had a “reserved” sign on their go-to table, which explained why the couch was always open for them.


In The Office, Michael dressed up for Classy Christmas and made his Santa hat out of his Date Mike hat.


And in Parks and Rec, Leslie’s first task on the show was to get rid of the drunk guy in the slide, and in the final episode that same guy gave her one final job: to fix a park swing.

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