32 Under-$450 Designer Accessories You’ll Use Over and Over

I’m not gonna lie—I was very much looking forward to writing this story. Designer accessories make me happy and I’d gladly think about them and talk about them until the cows come home. That said, many designer accessories are wildly expensive, and I agree that $450 is a lot to spend on something so small, but it’s arguably all relative. Designer item prices are what they are, and under-$450 is considerably less than $1k, so I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.

What I love about designer accessories is that they add a special, “fashion-y” touch to even the most plain of outfits, and they pretty much always get compliments. I supposed accessories are my way of getting away with wearing simple outfits while still looking like I tried. Obviously, you don’t need designer accessories to do that, but if you are in the market to splurge (but not too much), I sourced some of my favorite ones. Keep scrolling for some of the best finds from Prada, Gucci, Loewe, and all of the other highly covetable brands you know and love.

She’s a beauty.

Love the modern shape of these cat-eyes.

For some reason I only recently started using a card case in my small bags and I don’t know what took me so long.

My loafers need these.

I’m actually kind of surprised this isn’t even more expensive.

I may not need this $400 scrunchie, but I sure do want it.

Baseball cap upgrade.

It’s a luxe winter vibe.

It’s already Insta-famous.

A dash of Totême always elevates a look.

Two hair ties is absolutely better than one.

Keychain pouches are underrated.

They’re just so much chicer than every other pair of rubber slides.


Expect compliments every time you whip this out.

For all of the headband lovers out there.

These subtly capture the ’80s glam vibe,

Your doggie (and you) deserve this.

Give me all the Loewe scarves, please.

You’ll need this soon.

I’ve spotted these on multiple influencers and celebs recently.

Love an accessory that can be used every single day.

These just restocked—get ’em before they sell out again.

Good news: Brooches are trending for fall.

You’re in luck because this luxe balaclava is majorly on sale.

These are likely to make you and those around you smile.

I didn’t mean to put two Saint Laurent belts in one story but I couldn’t resist.

Another influencer favorite.

I wouldn’t mind looking at the Prada logo all the time (which I would if it was on my phone).

Protect your pods.

This feeds my designer baseball cap obsession.

Next up, the pretty designer bag that’s quickly become an It bag among celebrities.