32 Amazon Gifts You’ll Definitely Get in Time

As you knew when you woke up this morning and checked the date, the clock is really ticking on gift-giving season. With all the talk of shipping delays and supply-chain issues leading to shortages, I’ll admit that a slight feeling of panic has set in for me. And during what’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, panic isn’t exactly the best feeling to feel. Good thing we have Amazon.

I won’t waste your time expounding upon how many gifts Amazon has for everyone in your life. You already know. And I also won’t waste your time by telling you to dive into the assortment blindly, which is why I selected 32 gifts that are likely to make your loved ones happy and that will arrive in time if you order within the next couple of weeks (and have Amazon Prime). Scroll to get your gift shopping going before there’s really cause to panic.

These are actually the softest slippers ever.

BRB, adding these to my wish list.

This stuff changed my life.

Nothing works better.

I think we all know someone who’s obsessed with nut butter. This one is delicious.

Who doesn’t like cozy socks?

I’ve been using this for years and can say that it’s worth every penny.

Speaking from personal experience, my hair is sad when I don’t use this product.

Simple and elegant.

We could all use a new case. This one will do.

Sorry, I had to.

Luxurious journals needn’t be expensive.

I apologize in advance if this is out of stock by the time you try to buy it.

For the healthy-cereal lovers in your life.

I’d say that this looks more expensive than $16.

The design lovers in your life will appreciate this new book by Workstead (my personal favorite).

Drunk Elephant makes the best gift sets—this is the one I’d like to unwrap this year.

Help them keep track of their all-important water consumption.

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