31 Cheap and Chic Staples Worth Buying for Spring

With all the exciting new spring trends coming your way, it can be hard to resist the urge to start stocking up on some of those warm-weather staples (yes, despite the fact that there may still be snow on the ground). And there’s no better place to start than with a few affordable staples. No, we’re not talking about just random cheap fashion items here—we mean those chic finds that are cheaper in price but look expensive.

Rather than sending you on a wild goose chase throughout your favorite stores to uncover said affordable pieces, we curated a list of the best ones for you right here with an edit of 31 under-$75 spring items worth adding to your cart now. Keep scrolling for a little shopping action.

Warning: You’re not going to sit on many of these. We have a feeling a lot of the below will sell out before the first day of spring actually comes.

This floral bag is incredibly cute. 

Your ’90s self would be so excited about these colorful scrunchies. 

I love this light lilac color. 

The perfect beach bag. 

Bucket hats are very Hailey Bieber. 

I love this ’70s vibe. 

Tik Tokers love their butterfly motifs.

This is destined to be worn poolside. 

I love this sweet baby blue color. 

Very grandma chic. 

So many butterfly motifs, so little time. 

Just a touch of the ’90s. 

Pretty in pink. 

H&M never lets me down. 

The brand name says it all. 

Hanky Panky is the gold standard for lace underwear

Yes, florals belong in your underwear drawer, too. 

Gingham is such a classic print. 

A subtle statement shoulder takes this white top to the next level. 

I can picture this selling like lightning with the Tik Tok crowd. 

Pastels are always a good choice for spring. 

Vests are a huge trend for 2021. 

More gingham? Yes, please. 

Roomy silhouettes are my favorite right now. 

Mellow yellow. 

Plaid pants: Not just for golfers. 

A fun alternative to denim short-shorts. 

Yep, I’d wear these pants with Converse sneakers as well. 

Nordstrom shoppers love how comfy these sweats are. 

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