30 Tiiiiiiny Details You Probably Missed In “Big Mouth” Season 2


In the beginning of Season 2, Episode 1, the school sign references the unsolved mystery of the Ponytail Murderer from the first season.


In Season 1, detectives investigated a “Ponytail Killer” who chops off girls’ ponytails before killing them, but they never ended up solving the case.


John Mulaney voices Andrew, Detective Florez, and several minor characters in the series.


Also relating back to Mulaney’s standup, when Nick and Andrew are changing in the locker room, Andrew tells Nick that he could use his oversized jersey as a night shirt.


This is a reference to his comedy special Kid Gorgeous, where Mulaney jokes: “Dear IRS, please deduct from my federal income tax one XXL Billabong T-shirt from youth. It was too big. My mom said it could be a sleep shirt. Please deduct this from my 2017 income.”


More of Maury the hormone monster’s tattoos are revealed when he shaves in solidarity with Andrew.


He has “Connie” — the name of Jessi’s hormone monstress — on his forearm, Cap’n Crunch (from his days as a marine) on his other forearm, and “I’m with stupid” and an arrow above his butt.


When Jessi and Jay go to the diner, a waitress can be seen carrying blue waffles, which refers to the notoriously-googled and NSFW fake STI.


When Nick’s talking to Gina and Rick, the hormone monster, appears, an ad for Guy Town can be seen in the background.


When Andrew goes to the temple to ask the rabbi for advice on how not to masturbate, the temple is called Temple Beth Amphetamine.


When Nick and Rick are leaving the Friend Zone to go to the Fuck Zone, Rick gets hit by three trucks, two of which have hidden messages.


One is “Just Friends Moving Co” and the other has a picture of Jay’s dad and says “Stop watching Jay’s dad’s law commercials” with the phone number 555-LUV-DIES.


When Nick and Andrew take Devon and Lola on a double-date, the mini golf place they go to is called Golf Lundgren, which is a twist on Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren‘s name.

Netflix, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images


They also make references to Lundgren’s movies — like Rocky IV — with the snack specials.


When he’s trying to impress Gina, Nick does his spot-on Coach Steve impression — which is easy since Nick and Coach Steve are both voiced by Nick Kroll.


Nick Kroll is also one of the creators of Big Mouth.


In a flashback to their first date, Jessi’s dad smokes up Jessi’s mom from his “Matchbox 420” weed box.


When Jessi’s in her basement, you can spot a “The Bowling Dudes” poster which is a nod to The Big Lebowski.

Netflix, Working Title Films


Connie, Jessi’s hormone monster, refers to weed as a “goat cheese omelet,” which then makes subtle appearances throughout the season.


And after Nick calls Andrew “LBW” — “Lola’s Boyfriend…Wow” — this appears on the school sign.


The first of the season’s several Aerosmith references pops up as a Glade plugin at Lola’s condo.


When the Shame Wizard offers Maury drugs at Lola’s condo, he gives him these.


It’s like the sedative Klonopin, or in this case, Klo-LOLA-pin. And Lolaine is like cocaine, okay, you get it.


The knickknacks in Missy’s house include this bird-boob bust of Gina and these little figurines — one with large breasts and one with a big penis.


Very on brand for Big Mouth.


Also on the topic of miscellaneous sexual objects, there’s a recurring Fleshlight throughout Episode 7.


When the Shame Wizard starts DJing the sleepover, the song playing is a remix to The Kroll Show theme song.

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Listen to The Kroll Show theme song here.


Coach Steve tossing his pubes into the air was a nod to Lebron James’ iconic chalk toss.

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The writers threw in a couple cultural references in the bathroom graffiti: “Where are the ball hairs?” from American Vandal and “I miss Vine,” which every millennial says.


What’s more, the phone number on the bathroom wall is the home phone number of the Simpsons, and “Eat my sharts” is a nod to Bart Simpson specifically.


What’s even MORE, the “113” from the phone number is a reference to classroom A113 at CalArts where many great animators got their starts.


Tyler the hormone monster refers to the Shame Wizard as “the floaty guy with the Harry Potter accent,” because the Shame Wizard is voiced by David Thewlis (aka Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.)

Netflix, Warner Bros.


The Ponytail Killer makes a second appearance later in the series when they swerve to avoid Coach Steve and a victim is able to escape.


Note the ponytail hanging from the dashboard!!!


When Missy’s doing her worm dance, a reference to the scene in Lord of the Flies when Piggy is killed can be seen in the background.

Netflix, Castlerock Entertainment

Watch the scene from Lord of the Flies here.


Matthew’s locker has pictures of Ariana Grande, Morrissey, and a copy of The Importance of Being Earnest, which was written by Oscar Wilde, who, like Matthew, was persecuted for being gay and seen as “different.”


When Nick and Andrew go to Maury’s office, you can see a note reminding him to buy Aerosmith tickets in the background, as well as a picture of him inducting Joe Walsh into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


When Jessi and the boys go to the Puberty Headquarters, it’s learned that each of the monsters have their own area of adolescent expertise.


This includes the Hormone Monstress, Intellect Sphinx, D.N.Ape, Ambition Gremlin, Anxiety Armadillo, and later, the Depression Kitty.

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