30 Statement Boot Styles I Can’t Stop Staring At

Putting together outfits in the winter is not always easy. The endless wind tunnels and snowfall make us put our fashionable skirts and dresses to the side to make way for a more practical wardrobe. No matter how cold it gets, there’s one item that you can wear that will take any outfit to the next level: statement boots. There comes a time of year when you’ll find me leaning on nothing but black sweaterdresses and jeans. Pairing these looks with statement boots helps me still feel put together no matter what. 

Many of the best 2022 and 2023 trends can be found in the boot collections of my favorite brands this year. Styles such as metallic, thigh-high, Western, animal print, and more are running wild. I fondly refer to myself as a shoe collector, so you should know in advance to expect great things from me. Below, find 30 statement boots that I’d suggest adding to your wardrobe.

I think we all need an over-the-knee metallic pair of boots this year.

For the Barbie girls.

Did someone say “happy holidays”?

The Saint Laurent boots that broke the internet.

Sometimes all you need to make a statement is a pop of color.

Weather proof.

I’m actually obsessed.

All about this neutral.

Every time I see someone wear these boots, I’m jealous that I don’t own them.

A great pair of shoes to wear in December.

I’m obsessed.

Take a look at this.

Shine bright like a diamond.

Can you tell I like metallics?

How good would these look on New Year’s Eve?

I’ll take as much fringe as I can get.

Western world.

As if I didn’t already own enough denim.

Hello, logo mania.

Kelly green.

Anything two-toned is so much fun.

Your boots can easily match your puffer coat.

I’m kinda into this color.

These are viral for a reason.

These literally could pass as Barbie shoes.

I tried these on and they’re so comfortable.

It’s the wedge for me.

These are so pretty.

I have a thing for copper right now.

Alligator behavior.

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