27 TV Characters Who Started Out Great But Got Progressively Worse

“Started out as a rebel leader who wanted to stop Pink Diamond from destroying life on Earth and free the gems who were enslaved by her…only for it to turn out that she WAS Pink Diamond all along and Rose Quartz was the persona she adopted to get out of work. Then when she decided she didn’t want to kill the Earth, instead of telling the other Diamonds that or even just not telling them and doing it anyway, she started a war against…herself. And made her two armies fight each other for a thousand years when she could’ve just combined the two groups and stood up to her sisters. And then faked her own death because she thought the other Diamonds wouldn’t care, even though they’d been helping her fight this stupid war she started.

“Oh, and then she forced Pearl to keep her secret for thousands of years. And every time I think about how they turned Rose Quartz, a rebel gem who rose up against her oppressors into Pink Diamond, idiot brat and the actual oppressor, I want to scream. Because the worst bit is, the show thinks this is GREAT and that Rose Diamond did nothing wrong.”

–Beverley Carry via Facebook