27 Random Things In My Amazon Cart, Because Winter

So winter kind of sucks even during a normal year, but it feels especially harsh this year, am I right? As I anxiously await the distant arrival of spring, I’m filling my Amazon cart with cold-weather items to make the season a little more bearable. Said items run the gamut of fashion, home, and beauty products that are both affordable and useful. Some are even quite stylish (excluding the nasal moisturizer and zinc tablets, sorry).

For this handy roundup, I scrolled through tons of practical items on Amazon that I think will help you survive these frigid days with their limited daylight and painfully dry air. Keep scrolling for all the random goods I recommend adding to cart, and good luck making it through the next few months. The flowers shall bloom and your feet shall see the sun again but until then, let’s let Amazon help us stay cozy. (And yes, that’s me above, smiling through the 15-degree pain a couple of weeks ago.)

Based on the fact that these have 26k reviews, I think they’re worth the $26.

It wouldn’t be a winter roundup without the beloved “Amazon coat”.

If you plan on spending any time outdoors in the foreseeable future, you’ll be glad to have this in your bag.

Your pilled sweaters are about to look brand new.

These gloves attach to each other when not in use. A genius move IMO.

All robes should come with a matching scrunchie.

Good luck finding a cuter space heater.

You might not dread snow days anymore with these babies in your closet.

Makeup artists swear by this dry skin-relieving cream.

These discreet ear muffs come in many colors to choose from.

As you know, winter light (or lack therof) kind of sucks. Here’s the remedy.

It doesn’t get cooler than a Nike logo.

A cozy snack that I’m eager to try.

Goodbye forever, shoes.

I love a good basic with a twist.

The dead of winter is the perfect time to take care of that dead skin on your feet.

This thermal turtleneck has tons of fans on Amazon.

Can’t hurt to have this on hand. (I’ve been taking it all year.)

I love Cosabella pajamas and you will too.

Sorry Chap Stick, but this is a lot chicer.

If your feet aren’t warm, nothing will be.

This is Amazon’s #1 bed blanket and yes, that’s 65k reviews you see.

Cracked skin is one of winter’s worst side effects.

A must-have if you’re sticking to outdoor workouts these days.

Nothing keeps you as warm as a puffer—fact.

Cold wind and dry heat do a number on the nostrils. This is the only thing I’ve found that remedies it.

I don’t know about you but I have no desire to spend a lot on long underwear.

Next up, 5 comfy and cool Amazon fashion items our editor Judith is wearing non-stop.