26 Things I’ve Worn Nonstop Since Moving to New York

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 25 must-haves or current wish-list items.

When I moved from L.A. to New York last spring, there were some pretty obvious changes I was anticipating—the icy polar-vortex level winter storms, for one, and things like my work and social lives. Other things, though, were a bit more unexpected: a global pandemic descending on week two of living in NYC and no less surprising, my own wardrobe. Okay, so I could have predicted the latter would change, but after several years as one of Who What Wear’s resident editors already under my belt, how much could my wardrobe really change? It turns out, quite a bit.

Pandemic or not, life in NYC is just too specific to simply copy and paste everything I was used to wearing on the West Coast. Little did I know that a year later, I’d be retiring and prioritizing plenty of style staples in order to adjust to city living. Keep reading to see (and shop) the items I now consider must-haves.

I throw on this lightweight trench with everything from dresses to workout gear.

A ’90s staple I can’t live without.

I wear these sneakers so much that I’m overdue for a replacement pair.

Throwing on a boxy blazer like this is always a good idea.

For a sleek, NYC-approved finish.

Versatile midi dresses like this have taken on a whole new importance given that they transition well from day to night.

A roomy shoulder bag is a must and I carry all my essentials in this one: my phone, AirPods, wallet, a book, and can even fit a water bottle.

A basic that’s also a cute conversation starter.

I reach for this piece when I want to add some oomph to my look.

These are the perfect relaxed fit.

Unusually shaped bags are my fashion-girl calling card.

Staple denim.

I have a similar shirt that I thrifted ages ago and it’s easily the one item I wear more than any others.

Walkable and cool.

For wearing with the above loafers.

Layering is a skill I’m learning to master.

Speaking of layering, pieces like this sleeveless turtleneck come in very handy.

I always keep a sleek carryall handy.

These may have gone viral on TikTok, but I can attest that they’re 100% worth the hype.

Can you tell I have a thing for under-the-arm bags?

Cool boots that are walkable? It’s a yes from me.

Useful and trendy.

Because they go with every outfit.

Perfect for making my hair look more polished on days between washes.

Smooth, sculpting, and lifting, these leggings are everything.

Once I started running in these it was game-over for any other sneakers. 

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