25 Genius Travel Accessories You Won’t Know How You Lived Without

As someone who is hell-bent on making travel a more pleasant experience in any way I can, I put a lot of effort into sourcing the best products to help me achieve this. When I have a trip coming up, I really get into the travel-accessory zone, and lucky for you, I recently had one and am all stocked up.

The thing about travel accessories is that most of them aren’t absolutely necessary. But if you’re someone who craves organization and preparedness, they can feel essential. When I get new travel accessories that I never realized I needed, I oftentimes become so reliant on them that I truly don’t know how I traveled without them. 

With summer-travel season around the corner, I thought it a good time to fill you in on my favorite new travel accessories—some of which I can vouch for firsthand and others that are on my wish list. Scroll to take a step toward making your next trip a little easier.

I find scissors to be an under-the-radar travel necessity, and this pair is safe and takes up hardly any room. Win-win.

This is the best makeup bag I’ve seen in a while, which is why I immediately added it to my Nordstrom cart.

These chic little toiletry containers come in two sizes. They’re a bit pricey, but you’ll never have to buy another travel-size product again.

It’s rare to find a nice carry-on duffle for less than $100, but I found this gem at Nordstrom.

This protective case is a must for anyone who wears a watch.

Not a fan of that orange airport hand soap? Same.

It’s tiny, but I’d rather devote my luggage space to shoes than a full-size hairbrush.

If the pressure and noise on an airplane get to you, order these before your next flight.

I always bring my full-size T3 straightener with me, but I should probably invest in the mini.

This is hilariously tiny, but who wants an umbrella that takes up a lot of room?

A toiletry bag can make or break a hotel bathroom experience. This one makes it.

A luggage tag is obviously an essential, and this colorful one makes your bag easy to spot.

These customizable capsules are great to have on hand. You can choose labels that best suit your needs.

There are some trips that require a packable towel—think about it.

Once you pack these for a long flight, your life will be forever changed.

I find that three pairs of shoes are my average for most trips.

This lockable case is ideal for anyone who likes lots of jewelry options—even when they travel.

A great option if you’re more minimal with your travel jewelry.

I’ve finally joined the Apple AirTag club. Knowing where my bags were at all times when I last traveled was such a relief.

I couldn’t resist.

I love the design of this portable charger.

For those trips during which you plan on buying souveniers. 

You might want to make room for this compact, portable clothesline—especially if you’re going on a beach trip.

Don’t forget these.

I recently started using compression packing cubes, and I have no idea what took me so long—they’re mind-blowing.

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