25 Cheap and Chic Summer Basics You Won’t Regret Buying

If you’re like me and are always thinking one season ahead, you probably have summer on the brain right now. Typically, the first thing I shop for when a new season is approaching is versatile basics. Then, as I see which trends are emerging, I start shopping for those to wear with my basics. An excellent place to get started on that basics shopping is Amazon, with its ever-expanding selection of affordable options.

Summer may technically still be three months away, but I’m already fantasizing about shorts, lightweight denim, linen blazers, crop tops, and breezy dresses. I found all of these things and more hiding at Amazon, so that you can shop them for yourself without sifting through pages and pages of clothes in search of the good stuff. And the great news is that many of these items can be worn year-round—not just when it’s 90 degrees and counting.

Keep scrolling to shop my summer basics picks from Amazon.

These look so comfortable and like they’ll keep you cool.

Well this looks expensive.

Good enough to order in every color.

It’s time to swap your sweatpants out for these.

You’ll reach for this chic top over and over.

Still trendy, but also versatile.

Everyone loves these.

Can’t beat $22.

Great for those nights when the A/C is blasting.

You can never have too many.

I love the idea of wearing overalls over a swimsuit or sports bra.

It’s slip skirt season.

It’s never going out of style, so just buy it.

Very useful.

As you can see, all you need is sneakers.

It’s not a basic—it’s a trendy basic.

This seems like it’ll come in handy.

As classic as classics get.

Still cool.

Just a cute, easy little dress.

So many rave reviews for these shorts.

I’m into this chic sports bra.

You know it’s summer when you start seeing straw hats again.

Have you noticed yet that I have a favorite brand on Amazon?

The perfect summer layer, found.

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