24 Under-$60 Items I’m Prioritizing in My 2022 Wardrobe

I’m not sure what it is right now, but my shopping fixation has been on another level as of late. Maybe it’s from the pure excitement of 2022’s incoming trends, or the influx of actually relatable celebrity street style, but currently, my web browser has over 60 tabs open—with 95% of them links to stuff I actually want to buy. So with a lot of clothes and accessories on the brain, I thought I’d share the pieces that are first place on my shopping list. 

Welcome to the buys I’m making a priority at the beginning of 2022: they include a smorgasbord of fun (and most importantly warm!) sweaters, versatile knit dresses, and expensive-looking faux leather pieces. Because nothing beats the feeling of saving a few bucks, I’m shopping directly from our very own Who What Wear collection at Target. Everything below is affordable and prime for the taking—happy shopping!

After seeing this set on so many people, it quickly rose to the top of my shopping list.

Who knew joggers could look so polished?

This is just the top to wear with all the high waist jeans I bought in 2021.

Love a preppy striped sweater.

So many people rave about these pants—I think I’m on to something.

With the influx of in-person meetings on my schedule, this simple dress is perfect.

This looks so expensive.

A fold-over waistband is that subtle extra detail that really makes a difference. 

Practically made for video calls.

When I don’t want to think, I lean heavily on sets like these.

The knit material is so good.

The perfect pants for busy days.

When I’m sick of jeans, these will be waiting in the wings.

Cozy knits are always a priority.

Dresses like these are always handy to have in your closet—you can wear them with jeans or sneakers, and it’s a perfect outfit every time.

I’m getting big Scandi girl vibes from this print.

I’m aiming to add more color to my everyday wardrobe this year.

A sweater to wear nonstop throughout the season.

I’m so in love with this shade of pink.

Technically this is $10 more than my $60 budget, but for how pricey it looks, I’ll make an exception.

So good.

For how cold it’s been, I’m majorly zeroing on thick sweaters like this.

Because split hems are still raging on.

How good would this look with a pair of lug-soled boots?

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