24 Sleek Strapless Push-Up Bras That Won’t Slip

If you’ve ever had to constantly shimmy your bra up, you know that not all push-up strapless bras are created equal. The fact is, a large percentage of them are poorly constructed, overpriced, and require constant re-adjusting.

This reality makes the research phase of online shopping that much more important. If you simply buy a strapless bra on a whim, chances are it won’t even stay up for an entire evening. To save you the time, effort, and headache, we took it upon ourselves to comb through countless brands, retailers, and customer reviews in search of the best push-up strapless bras on the internet. The below 12 styles are sleek, functional, and most importantly, top-rated by candid online reviewers. Find your new push-up strapless bra below.

Behold the best-selling strapless push-up bra on Amazon. With over 2500 customer reviews, this bra is the undisputed choice of Amazon shoppers. It features light padding, convertible straps, and silicone lining along the underwire, sides, and back to prevent slipping. 

The Naked Glamour bra from Calvin Klein is one of Amazon’s top-rated strapless push-up bra. Reviewers call it a “great buy” and rave about its comfortable and seamless design. With convertible straps, slip-proof silicone lining, and ultra-smooth cups, you can wear this bra under any top or dress.

This full-coverage strapless push-up bra has nearly 2400 reviews on Amazon, roughly 700 of which are four- and five-star. Made specifically for larger-chested women, cup sizes range from a B to an H. Most importantly, reviewers confirm that it delivers on its eight-hour no-slip promise.

With a nearly perfect five-star review, Wacoal’s 1700-plus satisfied customers love the flattering, shapely cups and no-slip design. Multiple reviewers call it the best strapless bra they’ve ever worn, citing its sturdy, tight-but-not-too-tight construction. 

Another winner from Delimira, this strapless push-up bra comes in six different shades and features subtle lace detailing. A favorite among big-chested women, reviewers confirm that it absolutely does not slip—even when jumping up and down. The unique design features molded cups that offer incredible support, plus a no-slip silicone belt around the band. 

Ideal for low necklines and smaller-chested women, the Maiden Form comfort boost bra is another Amazon favorite. One reviewer even said it was, “without question, the best strapless bra I have ever owned.” It features supportive underwire, foam cups, and removable straps.

If you’re looking for a unique convertible bra suited to any top or dress style, YBCG’s got you covered. With center, side, and back hooks, this push-up strapless bra can be worn in nine different ways, including crossed-chest and halter neck. Plus, it features ample padding and no-slip tape along the band.

With its seamless cups and hidden underwire, this push-up strapless bra was specifically designed to disappear underneath clothing. It features removable, adjustable straps for a versatile fit, plus no-slip silicone tape. 

Another seamless style, this Amazon favorite features molded push-up cups, no-slip silicone grips, and pretty scalloped lining. Reviewers compliment the flattering cup shape and comfortable fit, and many even purchased it in multiple colors.

This top-rated strapless bra features Wonderbra’s signature molded, wire-free cups and silicone-dot banding for added support. Thanks to its seamless design, you can wear it under virtually any dress or top. 

With nearly 600 five-star reviews, this strapless push-up bra is another Amazon fan favorite. It features no-slip silicone lining, clear straps for four-way convertibility, and gel touch padding for a natural shape. In other words, it has everything you could ever need in a versatile strapless bra. 

This lightly padded strapless bra is perfect if you want a subtle yet comfortable lift. It features a seamless microfiber fabric, two sets of removable straps in normal and clear, and silicone lining along the wing and band to stave off slipping. 

With a 4.2 rating on Nordstrom, reviewers specifically call out its great support for larger busts. Silicone grippers help to secure everything in place.

When invisibility is a high priority, here’s a candidate that will seamlessly disappear behind any shirt or top. With nearly perfect reviews, it’s hard to doubt its ability.

Lightly padded, molded cups will offer up a smooth silhouette underneath clothes and create a nice contour you won’t have to second guess.

Welcome a new lingerie brand to the block: Skims by Kim Kardashian offers a number of savvy wardrobe solutions, among them this highly rated strapless bra. It’s also available in a number of flesh-toned shades.

For curvier women, here’s an option worth checking out—Elomi’s smoothing underwire bra has removable straps and boasts a diverse range of cup sizes, all the way up to size J.

For that next-to-naked feeling, you’ll want to try something sheer like DKNY’s sheers underwire bra.

Bralettes tend to get a bad rap, but featuring bust-defining bonig, molded underwire cups and a hook and eye closure, this bra will lend all the support you could ever need.

Women who’ve bought this bra from Bare Necessities say they’ve been wearing it for years, and really you can’t get a better endorsement than that.

Thirdlove is one of the more popular direct-to-consumer lingerie brands, and judging by the reviews of this bra it’s not hard to see why. With over 3,500 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, women love the diverse size range and the snugness of the band.

Spanx’s take on the strapless bra includes lightweight materials and a patent-pending elastic-free design that doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. 

Sometimes you just want a longline silhouette, and for that Elomi’s Elissa is your best bet. Silicone lining along the edges of the band and the cups insure security and a snug fit, while the seamless design will keep everything smooth and your bra hidden.

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