24 Horror Movie Plot Twists You Never Saw Coming

🚨This article is literally LOADED with spoilers. Readers beware!🚨

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite plot twists in a horror movie. Here are the moments you NEVER saw coming.


In Hereditary, when Charlie’s having an allergic reaction to nuts and Peter loses control of the car, resulting in Charlie getting decapitated by a telephone pole.


In Get Out, when Chris realizes Rose was in on her family’s plan to keep his eyes and brain, and to transport his mind into someone else’s body.

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In Saw, when Adam finds out Jigsaw was in the room with him the entire time.


In Insidious: The Last Key, when we find out the are were actually real people and are being held captive inside the house.

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In Tusk, when Wallace cries after his friends leave the wildlife sanctuary, revealing he’s actually part-human, part-walrus.


In Identity, when we find out the main characters aren’t actually real people, but parts of one man’s personality, with the little boy being the killer all along.

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In Dead Silence, when Jamie finds out his dad has actually been dead the entire time and is being used as a doll controlled by Ella, who’s possessed by Mary Shaw.

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In Deep Blue Sea, when Russell is giving a speech to the group about working together to stop the killer shark, the shark drags him underwater and eats him.

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In The Uninvited, when we find out Anna’s sister, Alex, died in the fire and has been a figment of Anna’s imagination throughout the entire movie.

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In I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, when Ben pops up and stabs Tyrell in the neck with his hook.

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In Sleepaway Camp, when we find out Angela is the killer, but we also see Angela is actually “Peter,” her thought-to-be-dead brother.

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In The Village, when it’s revealed everything is taking place in present-day, not the 19th Century, and Covington is located within a wildlife preserve.

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In The Skeleton Key, when Caroline finds out Mama Cecile and Papa Justify weren’t dead, they’ve just been switching bodies with people in the house using Hoodoo.

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In Halloween: Resurrection, when Freddie kicks Michael’s ass and tangles him up in electrical wires.

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In Psycho, when Lila finds Mrs. Bates’ remains in the cellar and realizes she’s been dead this entire time.

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In The Sixth Sense, when Malcolm realizes he was actually murdered the night of the robbery but has been refusing to accept the fact he himself is a ghost.

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In The Boy, when we find out the doll isn’t actually haunted and the boy is still alive, living inside the walls.


In Catacombs, when Carolyn tells Victoria it was all a prank and none of her friends are actually dead, but Victoria freaks out and ends up killing her own sister.


In The Silence of the Lambs, when Hannibal Lecter escapes his prison cell by killing a security guard and wearing his face as a mask.

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In Scream 4, when Jill, Sidney’s cousin, reveals herself as the killer.

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In Drag Me to Hell, when Christine gives the woman the wrong set of buttons, and she actually ends up getting dragged to Hell.

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In Crimson Peak, when Edith finds out Thomas and Lucille, brother and sister, are in a relationship and are trying to poison her.

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In The Ring, after Rachel thinks it’s all over, and Samara crawls out of Noah’s TV, killing him.



And in Final Destination 5, when Sam and Molly board the plane at the end of the movie, which is actually flight 180 from the beginning of Final Destination.

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